War ? What War ?

Apparently my alliance is dead and have less than 5 members…

What you guys think is the perfect compensation for this bug ? we spent gems to raid on two other tiles but it can all go to waste because of this one buggy tile…

Bad luck continues after leaving SK, told you!

As i know last war the same was with JAPAN

seems everyone can meet it


Gonna change TLD2 name to SK Lions Den then ?

Sadly You can’t  :wink:

All war boosts + some gems to eaxh member. 

I dont think they can give war boost

But we can ask. If not war boosts then give more gems.

VL only make 176k skulls? or thats in the 1 hour of war 

Dear all, 

Thanks for bringing this up, we will make sure to investigate asap, please bear with us a little. 

Also, all those who are affected please kindly submit a ticket with the Customer Support, this will definitely help: https://fgurl.net/help_me

Thank you and apologies again for the trouble. 

Can I represent my whole alliance then? Its hard to get everyone to submit ticket…I will list the players affected in my ticket…

They make about 230k in total I think

@Fii Nami yes, please kindly submit the name of your account and indicate that all members of it are affected.



@Archimedes This is the kind of support we are looking for on the forums.  This was very well done, and on a weekend. I’m not impacted by this issue, but thank you for doing a good job.