War won despite everything

I write this on behalf of all the members of Revolt Ita:


We won against the poor Florentia1 alliance. 

My alliance (Revolt Ita), best in the world, started war with handicap!!!

Many members join pro-league and earned Mass Hysteria boost. Never activated!!! Many of us reported the problem… but war started… 

After numerous reports, no answer. It’s not right!


Many of the Revolt members purchase the packages offered by Flare by spending money that supports flaregames!


But Flaregames does not support Revolt Ita!!!


When you fight wars between enemy alliances you would like to fight them on a par. We would not want to think that Revolt Ita and Florentia1 are at the same level!


Long live Revolt Ita and Flaregames. A little less in Florentia1 …


I enclose a perennial memory screenshot that Sguanci and company must never forget!

A kiss from CONAN!