War ???

Hey FG What makes this happen!? You fucked us. What is the status of this update? Everything is broke. I got a strike but this strike did not work and one of the strike was broken. Fuck fuck fuck

there is a war bug thread, and yeah that is a common thing this war, we had  a strike go AWOL also

I am very angry . We have worked hard and raised the team, and because of a strike, all our troubles have to be ruined


We can´t give first strike and we  lost 1 strike, lost torch.And because we are in war with strong aliance, we will  lost more torches , members feft our aliance and going to other, lost gold from donate etc…

This is your UPGRADE, new war?? Where is a chance choose the 4 battle mode??? We are automatically in campaign.


War modes will change week by week. 

Btw, our 3 attacks cancelled that is insane… 

Ok last bug. We finished rank 1 with 3 cancelled attacks. BUT WHERE IS OUR 20 MILLION GOLD?NOT IN ALLIANCE TREASURY… 


yeah we finished 2nd as our missing strike cost us first place - so figured 15 million instead of 20 million, but wait we get 3 million prize money!!! WHAT - the values advertised are way higher that what you’ve given us. BUG

Also league tables are all random, nothing in order of torches gained or VP’s. So teams will be promoted randomly now!!! BUG

the codename of version 4.0 is “everything is random”

Well I just hope All teams are compensated for this mess. 

Actually the leagues are ordered by total torches not just the ones won in the new league! 





We ended 3th, but we also have not 10 milion gold . AND Now, after WAR in league aliance are not in rank (torches, or points) !!!

How do we know how the next war mode will be  ?

it would be interesting for everyone.

Thank you

War Time in last war was 1 hour prior to this time.


Previously it was 02:00(14:00) UTC.


Now it is 03:00(15:00) UTC.




That was much better timing.

@CaptainMorgan I am Eskroto and Im playing with Texas blood heroes in the titan s league . I don t understand what is doing in our map a team like TD , chinese team with 10 players with an amount of 1642 trophies  , and it´s highest player is in the fifth ascenssion level . Almost the half of those players are alternate accounts of donnoo , who plays now in Gods of War . After all the problems we had last week and now we have to see this stupid behaviour of some players like Donoo , that how he does nt have anybody who wants to play in his team he just finds funny to fuck up the wars to other teams . 


I know this is not a new thing , seal did it arround one year before , but I expected that in the new league format , wars would not be affected for some altered behaviour of some guys . If a team does nt have the standards for playing in titan s league should be kicked and placed in the correct one , and if it is the mortal one , that will be fair



@CaptainMorgan i agree with @Esk! The war session is 4 wars and 2 of this wars are 1-1 if im not misstaken. 


When a clan just gets removed from war then the torches gets split up to the others in war, now lets say for ex that seal and Texas is only attacking the 3th team in war   And win all attacks that Will mean they Will end up with 10 torches. the Max for all Other clans are only 7, thats a big advantage imo. Cant see how thats fair to the others in the same League.

If it was the Old war system then i wouldnt mind it bc it does not effect the Other clans in top 10, but with the new system it really gives them a headstart to win it. 

seal 3 extra Islands, Texas 3 extra islands and ND 4 extra Islands, this makes it even better for Tx and seal, they can now attack 4 extra Islands beside the normal 10 that you start with. Its bullies and not fair in anyway.

Hope you can fix this, one way is to give 3 extra torches to all in the same League.


Thank you 

Though I agree with @Georg6 , you forget about bonus torches. It is much harder to get an additional bonus torch with only 3 alliances collecting VPs.

We, TD, the 2nd alliance in game, after few months rest are prepareing to come back titans’s war, but before that,  we need check which groups we are after many bug happened are update. Now, haters wins, they destroy all.


@Esk who is a hater, do many languages  attack and racial discrimination to me and Chinese players in line group of my memories not wrong.