Here’s a suggestion

Stop mucking around!

Thanks to the latest changes you’re promoting Weed the People to the top League, (with no benefits of any blessings…) something we don’t and never will want. We are 40 players, how exactly would you expect us to do there?

Here’s a clue, we will have 6 weeks of abject misery getting beaten to a pulp every weekend.

We planned losing wars to make sure we weren’t promoted, so now some of our lower level players have the joy of trying to score points against defences like RS and SS, they won’t, they will fail miserably and utterly hate the game.

Weed the people is about fun, you’ve just taken that away, don’t be surprised to see us leaving  en-mass so we get relegated…

I’ve supported your efforts to this point, but this is complete nonsense.

Edit: 3 weeks, the point still stands…

@CaptainMorgan    can you please re-consider, promoting/demoting without blessings idea. It makes no sense…

Now it looks like a punishment to the alliances who did good (promoted to upper leaque) at first week. 

And it looks like a reward to the alliances who did bad (depromoted to lower leaque) at first week. 

First week’s standings not the good way of  promoting/demoting teams… 

Please Consider to do one of these:

  • Create new leaques based on first week’s total alliance war points… 

-If you still insist of your current idea, give promoted teams blessings, at least reducing some pain for 3 weeks. Dont give gems. Give blessings to promoted alliances and at least, it would give some balance promoted teams in their new leaques… 

Weed couldn’t do anything else but gain trophies thanks to the hopeless mismatching we have had super easy opponents, I’m sure they were delighted to be fighting a team clearly much stronger, so now we get to suffer the same nonsense.

I am also not happy with that decision of FG but you still have the chance to meet doable opponents in the league of titans. In the coming season you will only meet 4 out of 11 and only 5 of them are really strong.

League of Titans consisting of 12 teams will always lead to unfair matchmaking. Right now it should be reduced to 6 teams and only the last alliance should be relegated/replaced.

40 (max) players Vs 50 only ends one way…

Not all of our players can break down defences at the top, I know the top teams very well as do many of my experienced teammates, we know it is a lost cause unless the other team goes to sleep, but that simply doesn’t happen at the top.

There are maybe 2 or 3 we can put up a fight against and have a chance of stealing a torch, the rest, forget it.

We will try, but it’s going to destroy moral for players are already at the highest ranking team they’ve ever Been in. They have no clue what life is like at the top…

We are in the same situation Stuart

This is just absurd tbh

Congratulations; you’ve done it again. The shitshow continues. @Chris @CaptainMorgan How do you think that an alliance ranked 22 will be able to compete against the top 10 alliances? You guys have completely lost it. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just make a new league where you can place teams according to the number of torches? In what universe does one war tell you the actual capability of an alliance. Weed the people has only 40 players and most of our players are at a much lower level. But you guys think we’re strong enough to take on an alliance with 800k trophies and 200 torches. You guys really deserve the genius award. Keeping recent events in mind, i feel as if you guys literally want us to quit. Mission accomplished imo. You will soon see many long term players leaving the game. Then you can have as many screwed up wars as you want. 

Another issue, a team standing at green zone has more chance to recruit good players from their leaque. Eyes are on them. I guessed we had a chance to be at green zone for 5 weeks. And may have a chance to get good players. Now this idea fly away. Noone will want to join a team at a higher leaque and at red zones… 


Our alliance got badly mis-matched, and will be relegated, as we occupy  the last relegation spot ( and we lost strikes/points through bugs). I just want the game to get going again with no bugs in wars!,Just seems like there’s nothing much to do.  I’m almost so bored, I considered looking at RR2 again…almost :grinning:    

Well @CaptainMorgan one of the issues comes from the first failed wars … where relatively high level alliances were placed in Mortal league and received unreal amount of torches due to the VP bonus. We contacted customer service but as of today, weeks passed and no answers at all. You stated that it was going to be resetted after that disaster weekend, but the reset didn’t include remove the abnormal amount of torches.
So that’s why alliances like Weed or like us, Texas Voltures Rise, find ourselves on the top ranks doomed to enter titans were little fun awaits.
I still don’t understand why you did not reset also the torches, or at least the bonus ones, from that first war - it’s not fair … nor for the alliances we are going to steal the spot in titans, nor for us that are going to have a season of hell, nor for the ones in titans already, which I presume enjoy to have a decent fight instead than having to deal with who has 25% of their firepower.

I can understand the bugs and fixes and all … but not solving this thing is making me quite uncomfortable. Also, customer service is unbelievably slow, if they don’t want to solve those things have them say a “no live with it” … but no answers for weeks is awful.

We’re full and don’t want anyone more, we reject plenty of applications, getting players isn’t an issue for us.

The point is, we don’t and never will want to join the top table for wars, hence staying at 40 players, the idea is we will hit a point and take a loss, keeping us at the correct level, thanks to this stupid D-Day style instant promotion, we’ve had that option taken away.

Still, 200 gems will make all the difference…