first gotta say, love wars, very fun, a little uneven at times, but mostly a fun experience. with that being said i am now experiencing bad alliances…first round they participated, this round, nothing. 2 of them just sitting like lumps for 4 hours…pretty ridiculous, i’d like to see u remove them after 4 hours of not committing to next battle plz. this causes alot of pple to not like games when things like this are happening. very easy fix. u dont battle withing 4 hours, u lose, and take a big fief loss. enough is enough of this plz…

so they finally fight after 4 hours…my next question is this, i am lvl 76, i get attacked by a lvl 121, he gets 1160 skulls for killing a guy 45 lvls lower then him, a lvl 103, get 1032. now i attacked my 3 different and am a little confused here, i hit a 76,79,and 82, one guy my lvl, one 3 lvls higher, and one 6 higher. so i should be getting more skulls right? makes sense does it now? WRONG…i get 870,903, and 924. doenst seem right at all…seems like a right bag of garbage and some other things i wont say. this is complete trash…reward high players for beating pple they damn well better beat or should quit the game? meanwhile, we attack higher lvls and get ***** for it…great job. no wonder teams just sit there and dont battle…they are completely broken…



Here’s an explanation of how Skulls work during War seasons.

ANYONE can post that on wiki

u can remove that post all u want…call it w/e u want…anyone can post on wiki…u r the one screwing us around flare…fix ur game…thats just a bogus post on wiki.

nothing justifies a guy 45 lvls higher then me getting more skulls then i do for a guy thats 6 lvls higher when i attack. rewarding him for attacking so low is bull…if they r too high and dont have anyone to attack their lvl, then u should be putting them in a different place…not here with lower lvl players…correct? am i wrong?

fix ur game, maybe then i’ll drop some more money into it

You get less skulls because you probably don’t have skull bonus perk on your clothes,

and also the skulls you gain depend on the difficulty of the base of your opponent


But what really matters is if the information is true or not. And it’s true.

So you can read it and try to understand it, or you can keep throwing a tantrum.

wats he have 1000% skull bonus to get it then? why would i read something u obviously posted in wiki…

Ok you seem pretty angry… 1st it’s not possible to have such high SB,

He mus have like more than 10%.

The wiki Is good i don’t see The problem here …

Indeed the Info is correct.

Some parts of the Wiki are no longer kept up to date as Pellez could not do it without Flares help. But this part is okay.

@PickerYou should calm down first.

After that, you can try to read the link Arrebimba post because the information on that page still valid and true.

If you still can’t understand how it works after read it through the page, feel free to ask us here. I’m sure there’s many players that willing to help you to understand the game better. ?

Good luck!

if i wanted ur comments id ask, better u just keep them to urself. i did not ask u, do not just involve urself in my conversation @RoyaleDing2 u just wanna get into it sooooo bad…trust me…u do not, ask madlen :)) thats my warning to u friend :()

Try dropping your Super Saiyajin man…

Your rage level… 

Sure, feel free to ask me anytime. I’ll be there for you… ?

my god the forum or internet in general is not a place to expose your rage and all. If you cannot control your temper. Maybe you should think to leave this forum alone. I like to come here and read topic calm with respect and all (Probably like all of you). When I see someone talk like that.C’mon If you rage just for that. I don’t want to see what look like when you are really in bad temper way. So calm down