Bonus gems to the top three finishers in the war, as well as in the tournament. It would be a good upgrade on Royal Revolt.

I think that is not good idea :frowning: bacause because the top Three players are the same in every season

Everyone likes gems, getting some from war would be cool. The problem is that getting those gems might create some competition between teammates, and also may make players spend even more time raiding at war just for the sake of getting them…

if this idea is implement the lower players in a team will leave the team to join a lower ally just be finish top 3 and get extra gems :slight_smile: sorry but I don’t agree

What I meant was that the first 3 rings would win, and not only the 3 first members, because that would be a good way of encouragement to all members.

Or something else that would be good also was in addition to the aid already earn in wars, the 3 first won a gold bonus straight into the Alliance box, so it would be a help to the winning alliances evolve or activate some aid.

Yeah not a bad idea, the top 3 not only win the war boosts, but can also win gold and some gems as well :slight_smile:

Maybe your gold and gems can depend on the number of skulls you earned, but not dependent on the rest of the members’ skulls.

Example: 1 skull -> 10 gold AND/OR 10000 skulls -> 1 gem

Or maybe there could be a skull shop where users exchange their skulls earned for bonus rewards, and the top 3 get huge discounts. Lets say 50k skulls per gem normally and the discount can be 50%. 

Might be too complicated, but I like the idea of having rewards in the war, maybe for all participants too, so it doesn’t discourage them. +1, support this idea!

the gold should go to the alliance from the war