Wardrobe Slots FREE or PAY?


from the video of the Wardrobe i saw there are a total of 3 slots to switch easily our gears sets, will they be all free or do we have to pay “B” and “C” like happens with 3rd unit and spell slot (assuming that the first one “A” is free)? @Alysea

just hope its not the case. Not a pay function again. Please make this free or at least with low gems cost like 20 Gems or 50 Gems

They are free.

ok thanks you Alysea great news :slight_smile:

Good news, Thanks :grinning:  

Awesome news, thanks a lot to the devs :wink:  

Is this version out? I read some players receiving it (maybe iOS), but not to all countries. Also to do with chat box (some changes).

The version is out on iOS only and will be out on Android and Windows as soon as it is approved. :grinning:

You are not serious? You are? damn not now. I am close to reach my data usage of the month like 36 on 40. Ok maybe RR2 its just 250 MB but still its not possible to tell us about update few weeks before and not at the last minutes throw like this. New update is available! I know its not your fault but still Flaregames must learn not wait at the last minute to make update and give us like that in our face each time. I hate that really. I have like 20 other game and some need too 200 MB or around. I must hold until the end of the month

Stop thinking about yourself Flaregames and think about the others. Its not everyone who have 100 GB or 500 GB each month. We don’t live all in USA or in Europe who they have data usage without problem. Update need to be planified well and not throw at anytime

Because of you again I must maybe stop playing some of my game and make only update in November really cool and great thanks you so much really appreciated. I know its not you who pay the bill of internet if my data usage go over. Really appreciated 

lol that’s only your problem, you have to control how much you consume of MB not that flaregames has to limit on their release just because you can’t use more internet.

Btw you can always download the update using your WiFi to avoid big usage of MB.

The font on iOS is horrible. It looks very primitive. I guess that is Arial. Did you miss to link the font?

Haha warrior trolling? 

Go at McDonald or Tim Horton, you have access to free wi-fi there, 

or leave forum to save some data :wink:

@Alysea is not telling the truth, I had to open each wardrobe slot with 200 gems. :slightly_frowning_face:  more p2w or in this case, p2dress


I would contact support with Alysea’s quote and ask for a refund. :huh:

its not what I mean. I mean Flaregames must advice us in advance just that. I am a hardcore gamer and I have a Youtube channel, I like watch video on Youtube and do other stuff. Yes I understand its me who must control my data usage and all but still at the start of the month I planing in advance what I gonna use. by example I know I have only 40 GB of data then I upload 10 GB each week of video. Near the 20th of the month I try to keep like 5 GB or more for little bad luck like If I need to update my windows build its like 2.50 GB and others game,my driver and other thing like that. 

For this month ok maybe its my fault I forgot with Halloween all game gonna have special events and gonna need all special update. Still I hope next time Flaregames gonna advice us in advance that I can planing my download update.

I cannot stop playing video game online or do my habitual stuff just to wait a upgrade of a single video game. For me its totally not professional how Flaregames act sorry

When there is new TV show you know few weeks in advance with the date when that gonna play, During election you must follow during few month. that not happen in few days and let’s go we go voted and that its. All compagnie in this world planing when they do something. When you take rendez-vous for change your Winter Tire or cut your hair or whatever you must take a rendez-vous, you don’t go there big bang Ok change my tire or cut my hair. I don’t know for you for me Where I live all its about rendez-vous and planing

I am perfectionist maybe a default I don’t know but i like to planing my thing in advance, same thing with my internet or other thing. If something scrap my planing thing its so frustrating

Flaregames just need to be more professional its just that I want to say

If the upgrade should be like a video game its that I want. Video Game you know 5 or 7 month in advance the date of the release, What is the requirement you need to run it at minimum,medium and ultra mode and if you need to upgrade your PC to run it,etc… You can at this moment planing to buy new GPU or other stuff and when the game come out, you buy it and play it

Here its the same I expect to be informed not just few days in advance but few weeks in advance.

Flare can’t control the exact date they will release an update. When they want to do so, they have to submit the new content to the app store quality control and get approved. A lot of thing can happen right there. 

Anyway, even if they told us a date weeks in advance, people would be bitching as soon as the release would be delayed. And please, don’t compare a mobile game to a full PC game.

oh ok thanks for that info I didn’t know that. Good to know. In this case nevermind about what I have say :slight_smile:

and we knew the update was coming … didn’t know the exact date which is obvious but more or less we knew the update was coming around this time. Sorry