Thanks you for the update who come maybe soon. Finally able to do set without change 1 millions of time stuff. Just one question why someone need to be level 25? Why not be possible before that? there is a reason? Without that really great news

I think that’s just to encourage the players to play the game XD and i was really hoping to get such a feature since is pretty boring to change from war gear to gold gear my swapping each items :confused: flares are hearing us finally.

Good point

The big necessity of this “wardrobe” came with the introduction of Uber Chests, tens of Unique Items with good perks people don’t sell them so they get a stack of items in the inventory and when there are things to switch here and there is a long process everytime to find the right setup for your Hero/Heroine

Doesn’t granny unlock somewhere around that level? And I doubt you have anything to switch from before you reach level 50 or so lol

Ok. So i have my:

  • war gear
  • gold gear
  • luck gear
  • scream gear
  • XP gear
  • full strength sonic blast gear
  • and some others …

How many save slots do we get actually :huh:


But keep it coming, that is a very nice feature.
Next in line is the defense layout and wave saving,
please don’t forget that :grinning:


I don’t have any war gear as yet so my gears would be -

  • Raiding Gear

  • Gold Gear

  • Farmer Gear

… and that’s it.

Yes, I would appreciate saving defence layouts. Often, I myself forget the base I created since I switch it from war to war depending on boosts.

will we get a new update? We just had an update so idthink we will get any major update “soon”. So probably a minor update?