WARHAMMER XII recruitment

hi there 


im Praetor Glabur of WARHAMMER XII alliance firstly we are always full so if you are not accepted right away know that the generals and myself are either discussing your request to join or we have approved but upgrading to make space for you,we are a very fun alliance,brotherhood and sisterhood even as far as a big family we look after each other in game joing us will be a decision you wont regret we are currently full but working on the alliance upgrades below are the requirements below to join us if you have all we looking for and your looking for a permanent alliance with prospects of being promoted to one of my few generals then we the alliance for you


REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN WARHAMMER XII: 1) 2000 trophies or more 

                                                                           2) loyalty to only WARHAMMER XII

                                                                           3) 2000 claimed skulls minimum per firedom grid war

                                                                           4) donations regularly to improve your new alliance 

                                                                           5) no banter towards fellow members we are a team

                                                                           6) have fun and be active


so if you have all the above please request to join and like i said above if your not accepted right away please be patient we are trying to make room for you,last but not least we have many members that buy gem bundles and if you didnt know this already when one member buys a gem bundle ALL other alliance members receive a FREE chest of goods so yeah looking forward to your request cheers and goodluck in game