Hello revolters,

I’m ‘nener’ boss of the french team Templier Franc. I play this game from the beginning.

I’m not happy because I find this unfair system loss fiefdoms. E-V-E-R-Y wars we fight against top 100 team that loose fiefdoms and every war wa can do nothing against the waves of big players boostfull. it’s really demoralizing…

I read other posts on this topics but Flaregame change nothing. You need to do something, this system is not fair play and some players have all the time all the war boost, were is the fun ??

Alysea, have i a chance to be heard by flaregame or i nedd to do a claim to assistance ?

Thanks for reading

I dnt see fair system for war. Every system will be blame for someone.

use LB against them

I know, it is quite demoralizing to fight an alliance that would be way superior than us. Fighting and losing to an alliance stronger is completely different than fighting against a way superior alliance but at the end of the day each system can be abused. Only thing, you can expect for an easier war next time. Good Luck! Bonne Chance! :slight_smile:  


True. :slight_smile:

LB is one of the most important weapon. We are fighting 2 alliances superior, not way superior but better than us but accumulating LB to hit another alliance later on Day 3 or 4 :grinning: .

Hey, what is LB?

Need to catch up on the acronym side of things.

loser bonus


Loser Bonus :slight_smile: