If you are in a warseison with UKRAINIAN HEROES in the next seisons…make screenshots of their players list!!!


They did with us ( Skull Hunters Team). we had 1 open slot, and 1 of their members ssend a request which we accepted…

But even they play false, they still cant beat us because we are way too strong haha, the weak jerks wink-emoticon

But it is just very unfair to play like this, so thats why I nail them here.

If you like to raid a cheap SPY, please do it:

Go after IBOTOK II, from Ukrainian ‘heroes’ (Ukrainian cowards would be a much better name…hahaha)


It is trojan horse. Why you call it cheat?

Where is your counter-intelligence service? :slight_smile:

I saw similar situation with TURK GUCU. They lose at last seconds, then spy exit with his skulls.

I call it cheat bcs it simply is cheating, troyan horse or not, and actually I dont get why you try to turn things around :-)


I am tired of allies who just are to weak/ disorganized or whatever to be able to win pure by strenght and strategy, and use tricks like this.

But the fun part of it of course is that they still loose, they really must be dumb, also the spy cant attack us since he is on a cooldown for at least 24 more hours…

I think everything is fair in alliance and war-_-

Btw I don’t think this is cheating,this is called smart strategy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! It is WAR!

Intelligence. Provocations. Sabotage.

Negotiations. Agreement. Nonaggression pact.

Haha, thanks for making me laugh guys :slight_smile:

Intrigue and diplomacy make war season fun. Very satisfying to send emissary to another alliance asking them if they would like second or third place. Lol

Just lock your alliance to apply or invite only instead of open then they can’t sneak in to do damage.

If it’s not cheating at the very least you know to target them first in a war season…


Might as well dispatch the crafty guys first…

I and United We Stand will send him a few attacks Nightmare.  Guys I understand it’s war and am all for guerilla, blitzkrieg, etc. style warfare but let’s not forget that it is a game built on honor and integrity not cheap tactics that really provide no way of winning if I say so.  To be fair too It is wrong on both sides: wrong for them to try and cheat and a bad move for the leader to allow a enemy in without suspicion during a war.

^ I would even take it a step farther. Box them in just to tease them and to harvest skulls outing them, then finish them off on the very last day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well to call it a ‘bad move’ from the leader goes a bit far I think, I dont think you remember all names in the allies from the enemies the first hour of a new warseison, and guess you are also happy to have a new member on board if you have an open slot…further I totally agree with what Master Diaz said.


We have learned a lot from this like we learn from every seison, I just thought it was worth to mention it here…


I am sure by far not every one who have read this was aware before, so thats my goal…mentioning a cheap trick from a cheap alli.

I think we all should list cheap cowards like these guys


And in the end they still are the big loosers since they end up 4th and we most likely at 1th, lovely to see :slight_smile:

I guess the terminology for such tricks depends on perspective…

If you see alliance wars in rr2 as kind of fair duels between two alliances that will have the stronger and more hard-working team win, then you call such tricks cheating.

If however you see them as “dirty” warfare where anything is fair as long as it leads to success, then you call the tricks a clever strategy. 


The important question is, which of those - fair duel, or complex warfare with all tricks - players want. And obviously, some players/alliances want this, some that, and get matched together into one league. Some adopt to their opponents, or try to equal out changes against bigger opponents, some just want an easy win… so even those who want those tricks, vary in motivation. 


Anyway, I think it’s good to publicly discuss the topic and make knowledge about some of the tricks available, to be able to include them into your own plans, either actively, or defensively (e.g. accept no strangers during a season). 

I wasn’t saying bad move as an insult by the way incase it might’ve been perceived that way.  I really dislike Ukranian Heroes now because they took one of Our members after they lost their war.  Not too much of a loss because We replaced them right after since they only joined a few days ago.

lol, this post is quite funny :wink:

Yeah right cute little Killerbee…I think áll the ones who think like you are so unbelievable smart, that would never éver happen to them.

All my 36 members must be really stupid, including myself that we didnt know all 115 players from the first minute of the 3 alliances we were having war with.

Guess thats why we end up so high in rank and wars all the time.

Things like this can happen to anyone, especially with a new thing like the wars we are having now.

If we were in wars for a whole day, or days, yés, then you can say thats really stupid. But since it happend right after the start, I think it is quite arrogant to respond this way.


Btw Killerbee; I see you have your own Alliance; Sqrt, ranked 46.654? Impressive You have enough open slots I see and aren’t even able to have war yet…haha.

Maybe I should ask my members to join you, one after the other to learn from you big killerbee-boy :grinning:


Learned another thing;

Don’t think you do a positive/ helpful thing when you just want to warn your fellow players in a public forum for things like this.

It mostly gives tyering comments…from peeps who think that things like this would, of coúrse, néver happen to them…

So this was the first and also last time I did that. Pity.


Happy raiding to all  :slight_smile:

lol, you think i’m killerbee. (see the dot at the end)…?? my IGN is not my user name :wink:


i’m actually in top 15 alli now (i was in solidarity-- they had 52 members when i was still with them).

many alli tried this silly attempt to us, but we are not mentally challenged enough to accept an enemy, during war no less… what were you guys thinking?? i mean seriously, i bet it’s not your first season since your post was 20th may… and you fell for this??


and btw, not even a single member was against that decision?? i tried to be postive but it was just too funny… i can understand it better if it were from their alli-partner and they help ukrainian sabotage you, but blatanly from the alli on your war map…smh…


and please don’t get me wrong, your post really is helpful and positive, some of us need to read some funny thing after stressful war… so please more post like this…

Im happy that I made your day little killerbee. Pity that you get so stressed over a warseison, not that strong minded as you pretend to be :grinning:

I hope your next posts will be more fun for others, since this is only your 2nd post and they dont seem to be very friendly.

But hey, some peeps just have nothing to do with their lives.

yeah, stressful war season for me since i made 3k-4k skulls almost every war :slightly_frowning_face:


and again i’m sorry if my post don’t seem very friendly… it just irked me when people easily calling others cheater when it’s their own mistakes… and before you accuse me, no, i don’t have any relation with ukrainian alliance :slight_smile:


and i support other members suggestion in another thread to make war as a choice, so alliance can choose to join the war or not… it’s clearly not for everybody… :grinning:

Haha its always kind of funny to see how peeps keep trying to be annoying over nothing.

It shows their personality.

Have fun little killerbee :slight_smile: