Warning for top level alliances!! :D

I just want to warn you all high level alliances…

The Reaper is comin for YOU!!


we are Raging, we are Warhearts!!

and we are coming to get YOU!!


… and also peaceful & merry christmas to everyone, but beware!

… warhearts are coming, so dont mind about the reaper anymore :slight_smile:

lol, good luck and do nod join the dark side…oh and live long and prosper :grinning:

lol, We are more then ready for you! Bring it on! Merry Christmas to you too.

The scariest thing about this thread is the flip-phone selfie of OP.

Merry Christmas!

Indeed… This scares me too…


Also, there’s a saying: The one who talks too much, doesn’t do much, it’s the one who doesn’t talk you should beware of.

the one thing that scares me is that you already say merry christmas

Oh come on baby we are waiting :v

Edward; one who does not talk, do not get new alliance members. :grinning:

its like this “little christmas” here in my country. where all companies etc have their christmas parties, just before december.

so not my bug this time. but you can blame finnish culture :slight_smile:

it works, we are under 2 weeks old alliance, and already have 21/21 ACTIVE members.

we fight fair & square, mostly square :grinning:

i hope we’ll meet you in battle someday, guys :wink:

Are you talking to me too…I am in a top 100 alliance but am going to be going to a top 50 alliance when they have space for me…would you count top 50 as top level?

maybe… :slight_smile:

{RW}Raging Wathearts

we will boost you good, come here and now need to worry about anything,

just donate every day get atleast 3 successfull battles in wars.

we are kind of full all the time, but we want ACTIVE members, so APPLY if you want to join our glouriouse alliance!

if you dont join, you’re missing out on an amazing alliance :wink: