WARNING: Grandma is a major ripoff artist

Besides the fact that after say, hitting hero level 40, she offers nothing really useful to buy without spending a gazillion gems, the cost for an item and the “resale” value are total Ripoff City.


Case in point: just bought a pair of pauldrons. Cost: close to 1 million gold. Resale back price: 84,804.


If this was real life, I’d take her and giormous cat to court. And I’d win.


Note to devs: you have  a really good game here; the first game I’ve ever coughed up $$$ to play. Why stoop to sleazy tactics like this? It leaves a Beyond Bad Aftertaste.


As for players: You are warned.

Its better to get the gears from the legendary chest and forge them into uber items :wink:

The cute behaviour of Gradma that greets you is nothing versus the evil side inside her with her jokes <.<

If you don’t want to spend massive money, only improve gear every like 10 levels. I only bought/buy improved gear if it’s leadership +1k, health +1k of damage +200 of something like that.

Granny is only useful for getting items like legendary belt ring… Others are pretty common in war chest

Live and learn. Alas I am on a fixed income and can’t keep buying gems. And I certainly won’t waste any more gold so I can be so shamelessly ripped off like that.


Really, the operative word here is SHAMEFUL.

Granny is pointless for your level because you will get say a “legendary” sword that says level 65. Then say your level 50, you get to level 52-53 and then granny offers you a better sword at “legendary” level 70. You will constantly spend gems getting the apparent deals that are in there so I don’t buy from granny due to knowing full well something better will come not long after. I have bought one belt with a 12.5% gold boost for around 220 gems and have never bought again.

Vester here gave the best advise.


Indeed, don’t waste gems for only slightly improved gear. Wait patiently for the good offer. Believe me, it will always come if you ignore granny’s worthless offers for a long time.

Usually, I get good gear offer from granny once in 2 weeks.

The gear I buy will be in 99% of the cases gold boosted.

As the others already said: You don’t buy things from granny, because the items become obsolete when you level up and get

better gear from the daily and war chests or from CoF. When you don’t level up so fast any more, it may become interesting:

let’s say at level 100 (maybe 90?).


There are exceptions to this rule: e.g. i waited months for better speed boots (had ~10%), and bought ~13% from granny for

a reasonable price (~0,5m). A few days later i got boots from a chest with ~16% :grinning:


Or: I will dump my current gems on granny soon, because i want to get a special package offer, for which i must have a low

gem count. I’ll wait for the crazy granny days for that. And: i’m currently level 82, so i don’t level up so fast as you do and my

items last a little bit longer …


The other possibilities for dumping gems are: alliance tower and removing ruins (i assume you have 3rd spell and troop slot).

In my case i can’t dump gems on the alliance tower, because it costs 4000 :grinning:

Lol, just checked my own gear. Eventhough I’m level 99 with mainly lvl 115+ gear, my shoulders still are at lvl 86 hehe. Guess their improvement is so little I never bothered to buy new ones.

If the resale value was higher, players would use granny like a bank. They would buy items to protect gold until needed.


A higher resale value would eventually mean less gold to steal from other players. Keep that in mind.


Let’s say you bought a car for $35000. Then you find out its resale value is 35 bucks. How would you feel? Would you say, “oh well, used car salesmen would be out of a job if things were different…”


A ripoff is a ripoff is a ripoff.

Are you really comparing real life to in-game mechanics ? This “ripoff” was put in place to prevent abuse from player. Lets say for a minute that you get 90% back when selling items. If I have 5 millions gold in bank but I can’t spend it because my workers are all busy. I would then buy 5M worth of items that I would be able to sell later to get 4.5M back. Now, imagine al players doing this. It would screw up the in-game economy. Raiding would be render pointless as they would be too few gold available. 


I don’t know if you saw this, but raiding is kinda the major point of the game.

Its not granny, its you who didnt buy smartly -.-’ only buy from granny by gems from level 70 and buy again every 10 levels.Once you reach level 100 then you can buy whenever good gears show up.

Learn to play, some things are to be learn not complaint.Dont be like Edward.

I have no idea who Edward is,and I have zero desire to learn.


I’ve been playing for less than three months. Like I said, live and learn.


Sorry but I have found the last two responses unbelievably condescending and rude.


Welcome to the wonderful life of the Internet forums, where other peoples might have a different opinion from yours.


Uneven, he was talking about this Edward and you are absolutely right, some players think that hiding behind a keyboard, they can allow themselves to be rude and disrespectful towards others…

Please don’t pay attention. Those are not really trying to help you.


Still, I must agree with MrSchmouk (it’s his way of expression. He’s not really rude). Giving close value for the item’s re-sell, may cause a major abuse by players.

Maybe the 1/10 re-sell value is a bit unfair, but the aim of flares was leaving some available loot in the game, rather than letting the players to invest it in items.


Wish you success in this game. :slight_smile:


Hey you can have all the different opinions that you want. But you can express them in a manner that doesn’t scream a subtext of lecturing to the idiot underlings. It has the very opposite effect of what you want: the point gets missed in the attitude.


That is my opinion.


ETA: Take a tip from Edward’s post above, which made the same point without the attitude Thank you Edward.