Warp Rift Mummy on Defense?

The Warp Rift Mummy doesn’t do anything special when he’s on defense does he?  I don’t know how casting a Time Warp on defense would work.

have you tested it ?

I’ve been killing Mummies all day on offense.  And I don’t see any Time Warp.

That’s right, they do nothing on defense.

Offense only,not defence

I have felt the time wrap effect in offense, not in defense. Now, is it because of the slowdown perk along with these mummies, I do not know. It did not happen with surprise mummies.


Time warp happens, but I guess the effect is almost not noticable. You have to be very close to the dying mummy to see it. And the effect is gone in a blink of an eye.

I expect that non maxed mummies won’t be affected that much. Without maxed boosts that new max level is nearly impossible, unless we use the kamikaze technique to get it.