Warp Rift Mummy


      Probably the next boost will be out “Warp Rift Mummy”

The video does not say how long will be the time wrap (? seconds). I guess from the video the time stops.

So like if you keep on generating mummies, you end you clearing the whole path. Combine with surprise mummy and scream you have a deadly force.

I guess this only works with the offense king. 

But you need also a good timing where your mummies die 1 by 1 every exact seconds, not easy ^^

Hmm. may go against you also…

This time everything is all bout mummy :slightly_frowning_face:

Everything is on purpose, they put a link between special boosts and war boosts every time, so you have to prolong the war boost and special boost both (like in this case surprise mummy) to have the best or easy exerience during battles…

And who didn’t win war boost is in the dirt also for the next war season…it’s always like this

Mummy is not stopping time at all.ok. Maybe for 1 msecond.