Warrior Assassins- Level 36- English- Hero Level Req. 70

Perks :-

  • Once Daily donations get high enough Knights, and Tough Barricades activated 24/7!!!(Everyone MUST donate daily, we know who donates and who doesn’t 
  • Holy Paladin,Stunning Ogre, and Storm Cannon would be used throughout war when necessary. Use it to attack/defend and win wars! (In the future, maybe more will be boosted when members donations are sufficient!)
  • Security, if you meet the requirements and rules, you will remain as long as you want. You will not be replaced by people who is stronger/better than you. Unless you fail to obey the requirements and rules.(Like falling into inactivity or not attacking in war!)
  • There no politics or any injustice. I’ve kicked long time members/top donors for failing to meet the requirements and not communicating at all! (I gave them over 30 DAYS to comply, and yet they remained SILENCE FOR THE ENTIRE 30 Days…)
  • We are understanding bunch and would very likely give time for you to meet the requirements. Do state your reasons for why you can’t comply!


Requirements ** :-**

  • Donate Daily!
  • Minimum Donation  limit  100k  ( Alliance Tower level 8 )
  • Participation in war  (Minimum  3 Attacks on every battle  unless mentioned otherwise not to!)
  • You don’t have to talk, but you should 

was hoping for a little activity.  lol

war season is almost here!  join now

We’re looking for some more dedicated members for our community in Warrior Assassins. Apply now!


We still looking for best fighter in a War and a dedicated members who donate each day. If you can do both will be appreciate

If you are level 70+ and have 100k+ cap donations will be a requirement

Minimum we can accept its level 60 with 75K but not less. Apply after this War thanks!!!

       Off War Perks :-

  • Knights, and Tough Barricades activated 24/7!!!(Everyone MUST donate daily)

       War Perks :

      * Blazing Knight,Tough Barricades activated 24/7

      * During War we activate if we have Gold : Ranged Bomb Tower,Power Archer and Holy Paladin

      * If necessary and if we have the gold we can activate Raging Wolf and Stunning Ogre

       Requirements ** :-**

  • Donate Daily!
  • Minimum Donation  limit 75k  ( Alliance Tower level 7 )
  • Participation in war  (Minimum  3 Attacks on every battle )
  • You don’t have to talk, but you should 

        Kick Rules :

       * After 3 day of no donation

       * No participation in War


Actually we have 10 slots free 31/41. Apply right now or wait after the War depend of you.

The War its close to finish. We still have 10 slot free. We need 10 players with at least 75K or if you have better donation cap its better.

Don’t fear to try us we have :

  • Discord App to talk off game

  • We have a Facebook page

We work like a real team. If you need Gold Boost we give you Gold Boost at + 35% when totally full

IF you need Elite Boost we can give you elite Boost you want. Just help us to refill Treasury Chamber

Apply now!!!

Remember this : ‘’ If you help us, We help you!! ‘’

What you need more? We have Gold Boost,Elite Boost,great team, We talk off game,etc…

You search for a great Alliance? Apply right now in Warrior Assassins. You don’t make mistake to choose us!!

For everybody who read me please stop to create new Alliance. Its enough hard like this to find player. All alliance who are below level 20. Can you dismiss your alliance and join already existant alliance. We have like 3,000 alliance and its so hard right now in this game to find good players. 

Please dismiss your alliance or cross 2 alliance together I don’t know but stop create new Alliance. Some alliance die because of this. The players who still free are all below 50K cap donation or have a low donation of 1K,5K or 10K. All 100K + are already in a alliance

thanks you if you understand my point of view and come in in Warrior Assassins

Still 2 days before the next War. We are actually at 35/41 we need 6 players before War begin. Thanks!!!