Warriors Dutch

Last week my daughter and I started a new alliance “Warriors dutch”. It’s an alliance for people all over the world, so feel free to join us. 


Due to the Windows bug (Windows players using version 1.6.0) as the leader I am unfortunate not being able to login at the moment. By this I invite players from all over the world to join our alliance. As soon as the Windows bug is fixed and I am able to login once again, Me and my daughter are going to do our best to make the alliance stronger and make sure players can take advantage of the alliance benefits.  


There is only one rule, have fun, that’s it.





Players are starting to leave my Alliance now, because I can’t come online. What kind of compensation flare has in mind to compensate this loss? Other leaders inviting players from my alliance (I know because they even try to invite my daughter) and nothing I can do is just rediculous.


I don’t care that I lose trophies, because players can attack me and I can’t counter attack them. I can compensate that loss sooner or later once I am online again. But the damage to the alliance can’t be compensated at all, I don’t get those players back. I have to wait untill I can play again, what else can I do?

Glad to say I’m back once again. Feel free to join our Alliance, together we will stand strong.  

I like the fact that you created the alliance with your daughter, kudos to you for bonding with her and good luck on your alliance.