wars are not fun

so I have played this game since it started…not sure how long…and I enjoyed most of the improvements but - The whole Alliance thing just sucks.  Wars suck…getting members to join sucks…the awards are non-existent. waste of time and I am sad I wasted so much time trying to make it work. First and last post I will ever make here.

We are talking about the wars lately a lot: You are invited to join the discussion!

yep they suck i quit also will play again when attack limit is removed

Hi GypsyRose,


You don’t have to play, but please open yourself for invitations. You can still have fun on the Alliances chats while waiting for changes :slight_smile:

Just an example… You buy/rent a thing which isn’t working properly, what do you doing with that? If I was the renter/owner of that thing, I replace/fix it ASAP or I will loose mi clients…or reward them for the time while they wait to be changed/fixed … Isn’t that a good policy? Main question is: Why Flare doesn’t bother to keep his customers satisfied? ignorance and promises isn’t enough for someone who is sensible to patience and frustration.

Jack you and I both know talk is cheap with Flare.

They will make things worse and more people will leave.


Wars are no longer a positive thing. We don’t fight to win wars for our alliance anymore.


We fight to screw over the other alliance. I am not speaking for my alli but for the every alli that agrees with me.