Wars in conquest

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Taking supreme victory into account, wIll it be possible to declare war tomorrow after 12:00 pm CET (10:00 am UTC) or will it be like it usual wars when you can’t unless sufficient time is left?

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Pretty sure @Madlen said that it’s like the war where you can’t attack with under 24 hours remaining. Of course, you should still be able to build watchtowers to increase your score, there’s just no attacking

Here’s the topic where your question was answered earlier today:

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Thank you AK for helping me out here. :slight_smile:

My friend got attacked, alone, while I was offline. By the time I logged in he’s already annihilated. Many members blame me for not helping him out when he’s in need (I was the closer one in his the area, but offline, blame time zone).
This conquest war create disharmony ? Need to do some changes about this conquest war.

Those members who blame you, should lower their tone. If I was your leader, I would not tolerate any member to be disrespectful against another member.  It’s a game, not a job. You don’t need to be online 24/7. That so called player that was beaten should have moved to safety zone, instead of being an easy target, those are the facts. 

If those so called friends have a problem with that, then I expect them next conquest to be online 24/7 for 8 days in a row (o wait, the game disconnects you when you play too long, that’s impossible!). There is not a lot you can do when multiple opponents jump on you when you are alone on a tile. Time is against you when it happens. As soon as an opponents take such action, the war is won by a single raid of 3-4 persons, within less than 4 minutes (if they have plenty more troops). And when you jump in, most likely you only postpone their win a little bit. So you even sacrifice yourself.

Only thing when they could blame you, is being online, agreeing to raid someone with multiple persons, including you and then you suddenly log off and break your part of the deal.

Having said it, sometimes it’s more wise not to help a members, it’s part of strategy. If you can stand ground somewhere, waiting for reinforcement, that can be worth it.  

Hope you feel somewhat better now.

More a general comment on conflict. There are several bugs that hopefully get fixed such as the 5 per attack even when 8 per is called for. But on the whole it was fun but exhausting. We should not have more than one conflict a month. Maybe once every two months. With Ninja events every two weeks. Having more than that is simply not sustainable and Flare will end up killing the golden goose.