Wars rules are stupid!

I thought your tutorial said that newly recruited members can’t participate in currently launched attacks, but they can still lose skulls??? WTH is this stupidity!?

The cooldown period is there to prevent alliances bringing in stronger players just for 1 round.

they shouldn’t even appear to the opposing alliances to attack. my alliance is losing skulls because of random players joining, getting hit then quit!

Lock your alliance to invite only or have them require acceptance from a general

that why before each War Season the leader must change to invite only to avoid some player join during War Season and be hit and give skulls to the opponent. However you have right its stupid the player who join can make lose skulls but cannot attack. So I guess Flare should make new player who join during War Season not able to be hit by anyone until the next wave. Actually its like the system punish the Alliance who forget to change for Invite only before War Season

Changing to invite only merely solves the issue of random players joining by themselves. You can still have people join by invite (whether invited during war or they just now came online to accept an old invite, doesn’t matter) and they are victim to the same stupid rule. I would say nothing against a cooldown period for new members if it was for both offense and defense, not just for offense because that’s just dumb.

I really want them to make the Alliance Wars more like the boardgame Risk!


I wonder if that’s ever gonna happen …

Me too

@Darren795 lol, you changed your name to BABY in all the games lol, why’d you do that haha

because im THE BABY

[OOT] This baby has -74 trophy ???

can you do that?!? ROFL!!

When I first created my ign, 600 trophies corresponded to about 265k place ranking.

I just make new test account before posted this reply. This is screen cap of new account .


I think why long time before your new account rank was 265k because at that time there’s a lot RR2 active player. Now there’s only some who still active therefore the rank is decreased.

One player a while ago (more than a year ago I think) tried to drop to absolute minimum as an experiment to determine the number of players in the game. He got -500 to -600 trophies to reach that end. So yes, negative trophies are possible.

However, this is floating away from topic. I think war rules are fine.


it’s weird how 6 words can get something back on topic lol

yup, that’s the strategy, they join your alliance from an alliance that you are playing in the war and they open their base so that their players can attack him over and over. I hate to say it, but it’s a good strategy. I was asked to join my “friend’s” alliance during a war (by my “friend”) and go to another alliance and open my base and also to spy on thier attack strategy, I didn’t do it but I’m just saying that it is all part of strategy. It may be frustrating but thats the way it goes…maybe flare could change this to where alliances are kicked for doing this

Yup lol

don’t be surprise its Flare you talking about so its not very a surprise same 3 year after we have that kind of stuffs in War. Yep very stupid but what we can do? War was build like this since day 1. Flare should do like the company who have create Art of Conquest and Listen people. No surprise why this game is the best of all mobile game and nominated top choice game ever because they listen people

its Yesterday we have receive in the mail a note about the Hero Rose they have do a mistake to nerf Spider Web ability so they listen people and reverse the nerf and put Spider Web like before. I am very impress by their action very professional and if there is a bug they give to all player free resources and free Linari.

So here I am really sure someone have suggest in the past something on this forum to change that but without success. So I hope one day Flare will listen and change this in a future update