Wars still the sad issue.

Appears 4 teams on our map are dumping fiefdoms. It’s a race to see who can score the least. Lmao!!

Will there ever be a fix to the failed fiefdom /wars issues? Wars REALLY were the BEST part of this game! [Its why my team has kept playing for 4 years]

 Sad they are so neglected ,with no upgrades or enhancements in forever… Now a standoff of who can lose their fiefdoms. 

The lack of support to this part of the game is making it a sad joke.??

You said Conquest was too hard and now the War is too easy.

There’s no need to stress so much. Just enjoy the easy ride to the arblasters and pyros boosts.

Lmao, We don’t use them, so no need to fight this war. Everyone dumping their fiefdoms.

My point was, it is sad to see a bunch of teams losing on purpose because of the fiefdom system. 

As long as there is a system, everyone will try to take advantage of it. Everyone will look for what’s best for their alliance.

If it’s not the fiefdoms it’s going to be something else.

Topic on fiefdom dumping while admitting to fiefdom dumping ???

Yep… because my team was screwed way back when teams would kick players to lose at last minute and dump. So sadly  we learned to “play the game” ,It is why a system where boost were selected based on teams war rank would be better , then all would fight in all wars. 

If each war offered your choice of 3 boost , instead of pre selecting the same thing over and over again. Then teams would play each war to choose their favorite. And fiefdoms would become less of an issue…

No teams like purposely losing just to stay in the water. It makes the game less fun. The current system makes it almost a necessity if you ever want to see the boost you like again…

We’ve made these simple fix suggestions multiple times, and they always fall on deaf ears (my latest is that champ should double the fights, not +10, in order to get a lot more champ volunteers). 

+10 fights is a real pain

No one forces you to lose, it is your own choice.

I would prefer conquest improvement than war, war season are just old-time.

I don’t think more Battle would be good, because the number of attacks per Player was already reduced cause of complaints.

Could someone explain the reason people dump fiefs please? Also, I’m not sure of the rotation of boosts about why people might not want them.

Wars are the things most people I know enjoyed this game for so long. The ability to play as a team, yet not be forced to play when it is not an appropriate time for you. 

Fundinstrongarm… teams drop fiefdoms to keep their team from facing teams that there is no way they can compete with. If your fiefdoms become too high you will face teams that are pretty much out of your league , [making it even less fun].

The rotation of the boost has been the same 6 boost rotating every other season for a very long time. Most teams have a preference now as to which boost their team uses more. This resulting in fighting 1 war and dropping fiefdoms the next …

Many many many suggestions have been made on how to improve this… nothing has changed…

As for more improvements to conquest? The only improvement I can see is making it less often as players find it too time consuming, inappropriate for adults with jobs, kids, …life. due to it’s high demand that people be able to login at times of the day not appropriate for gaming [like middle of your work day…]


(I thought this was about Wars, not Conquests.)

So, people dump fiefs during the Wars they don’t want the boosts and try to win during the Wars that they do want the boosts. Overlay that with not wanting to fight against alliances that are too tough. Thanks for the explanation of what the ‘problem’ is supposed to be.

How does that work with trying to get the personal rewards from Wars?

Either they’ll make deals to give fiefs to other alliances (thus keeping some fights going), or not bother, the personal rewards in wars are pretty bad compared to ninja and conquest (we just had a pretty busy war and didn’t even get to the first 65,000 pro chest, which is one of the inferior pro chests).

You have to sacrifice some things. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. ?‍♂️