Wars - Teams kicking 50% of their players after it starts

In the war we are currently in, one of the teams kicked all of their sub-1400 players as soon as the war started.  They now only have 5 players (2700-1500), a roster of 5/43.  They were a roughly 1000 rank alliance at when this started, and immediately became 2400 rank.  This should not be possible.  We will still beat them, this isn’t a complaint about that, but one of the other alliances does not have a player above 1500, so will just be totally screwed when they face them. 

More importantly, this is a terrible experience for all the (newer) players they kicked who now will have a hard time finding an alliance and then will not even be able to fight for 2 days once they find one.  Allowing this sort of manipulation of the war system is awful.  It should not be a valid “strategy” to ***** over a bunch of people like that.

I would not be surprised if those accounts are alternates of them. Otherwise the team treating their members that way soon ceases to exist.

This team should be immediately removed from the current war season.

I figure they just open up their alliance and new people join for boosts or gold or beasts, whatever.  I can’t prove they kicked them, but it seems extremely suspicious that all the players under 1400 trophies just mysteriously vanished at once, minutes after the war started.  They now have 5 shielded, championed players.  They have 34 fiefdoms, which would be hard to achieve unless they do this repeatedly, since they can’t even fight in wars with only 5.

It’s still a BS strategy if they are alternate accounts, but I’d feel better about it if that were case.  At least then they aren’t screwing over random low level players.  I just think you shouldn’t be able to boot people during a war.

Nowadays you just can take over alliances, since enough players quit. So it even doesn’t cost time to get a descent level of team. Some teams also have camp teams for this, they kick players and those join the camp team. For the lower players it’s attractive, since they get war boosts often.

I would suggest that keenflare does change something on the rules. Shields and champs should no longer depend on alliance level, but on number of active players inside the team. To go further, under 8 players, I would prohibit champs plus shields. So even if they start a war with more members, as soon as a team drops below 8 active members, I would remove champs plus shields and even recalc skulls as result of this. Not rewarded skulls due to shields I would give and scored skulls due to champs I would take away.

This would end this kind of strategy. They could try to complain, if I were member of staff I would wash their ears.

Thanks for the feedback! Personally doesn’t seem fair to be as well, if I understood the issue correctly. I have forwarded it to the dev team. If I have an update I will let you know.