Wars with every man for himself!

I would like to see a bi-monthly war where every participant is out for themselves.

The reward would be unique things; I.E. Builder, Item appropriate for level, Gold determined by your king level, Pearls, XP…

High level kings have many builders already, tons of good items, gold, XP, and a lot have a good stash of pearls… This will discourage high level kings from coordinating and force them to fight for bragging rights…


These wars would be matched based on your king level and include 40 participants.


You would fight for skulls but not be able to see your opponents names, instead you will see a number 1-40. This would make cheating even harder and make you think twice about who you hit… You would still see medals and trophies…




They can tweak the Alliance War system since we’re already used to it.



Lol I make to many suggestions I know. Just trying to contribute to the community. ;]

EDIT: I forgot to add that it would be purely voluntary… Maybe you could sign up a month beforehand to force players to think of strategy ahead of time…

That would awesome if Flare did do this. I would totally be in for something like it… :slight_smile:

Best idea ever-_-

Soo… Basically just adding better rewards for the tournaments o.O And balancing the tournaments so that you always meet people on your level.

Personally, I strongly disagree with the idea of basing it on king level. In participating now in Alliance Wars so often, I’ve jumped 10 levels yet have very little to show for it. This would only benefit those who play meticulously, and discourage the play-for-fun people from playing at all.

That being said, though, it also can’t be based on any form of strength, because then players would just equip weaker things to place themselves in lower leagues.

Overall, I don’t believe that there should be any sort of, “Today matters most” competitions, because they either:

A) Benefit the same players every time


—I believe that it’s best to have consistent rewards. Like the Tournaments. They’re already a perfect blend of Strength x Activity, and they prevent you from farming lower players because lower players give less medals. Tournaments are perfectly designed already; they just need to scale up the rewards.