Was attack limit per hour changed?

As far as I know, there is a limit of 3 attacks per hour from the same player. How is it possible to be attacked 4 times in 8 minutes?

Now, I’m not particular concerned about this player attacking me, I’m just curious.

If he found you through the match maker, the first fight wont count (the matchmaker one). 

Thanks, I didn’t know this! The first one was very likely from match maker, because you can lose 58 trophies only with match maker fights.

Yeah, that’s why I try and find good targets through the matchmaker instead of just farming my favorites

Its fun when you found a player who have ton of gold. Attack him 4 times. At 700k plus boost can give you 4 millions and more. Really fun when you are at 3000+ trophy

My 260%+ gold boost agree with you :slight_smile:

Edit : Looks more like 297.8% (Alliance % included). Too bad I don’t raid anymore.

Anyway, @thomas239, you should be glad he attacked you 4 times lol, you gained a ton of trophies