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Have feedback on the Watch List and/or additional areas that you think should be included? Post your feedback here! 

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Here you go  :slight_smile:

One more thing there are lots of in game questions here  which are still unanswered.  What about doing something like this to answer those questions? 

Mortar – make poison D.O.T (Damage over time) stackable with fire D.O.T. (i.e. with pyro’s D.O.T)


Paladin  - much needed buff



Aki Beast

  • Primary attack range

I just faced this beast once, in the ninja levels. I can’t really comment since at that moment you’re trying to kill the beast as fast as possible and there isn’t much of analysis.

Howl Pal

  • Unit movement speed after howl

I won’t comment on this since I don’t have howl.

  • Damage

“Same as above”

Howl Beast

  • Unit movement speed after howl

I think the issue is, the howl range is low, a level 1 howl has 75% howl range of a max boosted werewolf, so it’s pretty much an apology, the range boost won’t do much good since the units raged up are often stuck behind the beast. Even if the rage effect lasts, the offensive army is in such extreme force after taking the beast down, it doesn’t matter whether things around and under rage effect or not.


  • Movement speed

I think we mean the Attack Delay, right? I am not sure, I’ve got a few jester boxes in defense but they’re rather low in level. So I won’t comment.


  • Damage to Hero

Well, I’d certainly say it needs to be REDUCED! If 5-6 bombs can’t kill a hero, how can 5 pile of bones kill a king in less than 2 seconds  -_-


I think more candidates could be added to this list -

Toxic Cloud - Slight improvement in slow down.

Stun - Needs an ability to sustain stun even on raged units.

Necromancer  - C’mon no unit should be having more health than the tower which was  the crowning achievement of research, Skull Tower. Needs a defensive HP nerf and maybe offensive HP buff.

Paladin Arrow Tower - No idea!

Being Optimistic! KK Star



Would be nice to know which direction you are going to deal with. Would Aki have a bigger or smaller attack range. Will Howl make troops faster or slower?

Also, what is “movement speed” for Jesterbox? It’s not listed in the perks or the unit characteristics. Are you looking to add it? Is it another hidden aspect?

We don’t know what you’re thinking, especially if we don’t use the troops you’re talking about.

This whole topic looks strange. Let’s look at the facts :

  1. Flaregames staff is not present at the forums and does not provide any feedback or answers to any of the topics here for a looooong time.

  2. Suddenly they post a topic with minor issues and ask for our opinions. Tens of major issues raised loud by so many forum members - are simply ignored.

  3. If Flaregames ask us to provide our opinions about rebalancing, this only implies that they are unable or incompetent to test the game features and to check them by themselves… Hard to believe it’s so.

  4. Of ~300 forums members there will be 600 different and sometimes even opposite opinions on each issue. So how Flaregames plan to take any decisions?

  5. Special festivals pals and beasts are starring in this topic. the vast majority of the players (or alliances for the beasts) either don’t have them or have them at very low levels. So what advise they are expected to provide?

So, what’s going on here? Do Flares really want our answers?



P.S. off topic. On this occasion I want to send best wishes of Happy Shavuot to all our Jewish and Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim forum Members.

Areas listed on the Watch List are under active consideration for rebalancing. This list will be updated as necessary.

Aki Beast

  • Primary attack range

Howl Pal

  • Unit movement speed after howl
  • Damage

Howl Beast

  • Unit movement speed after howl


  • Movement speed


  • Damage to Hero

Really? is a kind of joke or what? a april fool late maybe? with all the problem, the nerf,the bugs,the crash and unbalanced stuffs in the game since many months. It’s only that you have found necessary to discusss and to improve in the game? by what to start there is too much stuffs to talk about it’s crazy

Not only that proof you don’t care much about the game but you proof you don’t care about your professionalism to have a company. 

Try each game in the world on mobile or all PC online game and a real company will be able to add,test and solve problem themselves

Here we must work for you. It’s a joke really. I don’t expect you gonna start to act like a professional company but wow it’s impressive how you think all of this is funny since 1 year or more

by what start?

* TC who need to be unnerf

* on PC Flare need to fix the Queen problem in Quest Rewards. The Queen hide and don’t allow us to perfectly move quest. ( problem we have since 1 year or more)

* The same problem of Quest Rewards for Wave. When I want to change my units the screen are switch to the other one. Very hard to add and remove troops properly (problem we have since 1 year or more)

* Crash in dungeon (maybe there since day 1)

* Jester who are useless. Maybe make them blow on the moment and not 2 or 3 seconds after

* Paladin who are useless since day 1. Reduce their weak percentage and give them boost or something to make them useful at level 100,110+ 

* Necromancer defense HP too high. Maybe HP depend of level of Hero. A low level player face them at 10k, mid level 15K,high level 20k, very high level 40k.

* Skeleton of Necromancer too much overpowering.

* Problem of loots at 4000 trophy and more

* Froster who don’t have range. Make us able to forge Range

* Archer is useless. at Max up them at 5.50 and Up the range in forge after +30 at 6.20

* Mummy in offense a little useless. Make us able to forge HP

* I think Lightning Tower need to be improve. 3 charge is useless. Maybe up the charge at 4 when unboosted and at max. When boosted up the charge at 6.At the cost the Lightning Tower demand is normal to make it more useful in defense

* The taverns don’t produce enough gold. Maybe improve them a little. It’s very annoying to search during 30 minutes to find someone who have gold maybe if the taverns can give more gold per hour. Can fix the problem of loots. The maximum is 550k but need like 2 days to fill them. Maybe if the maximum can be something like 700k and more like 20K per hour. Gonna make taverns more useful for everyone

* On PC we waiting again to have the possibility to change the cursor. The cursor is not visible and we lost it often

* ON PC we waiting again to have the possibility to change the keyboard shortcut. it’s not everyone who like use 1,2,3  for troops and 4,5,6 for spells.

* Put in option the function to up and down graphism for everyone who need it: low,medium and high each details in the game : Shadow,how far we see,troops details,tower details,etc…

* Video Ads : Many of players still cannot use this function. Take 1 week or more in start to investigate to fix this problem once and for all

* CM present on the forum 24/7

* Start to work during weekend and answer us in weekend like every video game company

* If possible hire someone to fix the double post problem on this forum

* We want the old scream button back with HP and Shield Bar

* Maybe add during the raid a minimap (of course optional in Settings On/off) that show all units,towers,etc…

* Change the War Season. We want something more fun

* Add a gem button to stop us to waste gems on misclick

I don’t remember all the problem in the game there is too much. The list is very very long. That what happen when you don’t fix stuffs during 3 years

Now you have a lots of work until 2018 for this game

  1. Just don’t do anything like what you always do because you always make thing worsened when you did something, flaregames.

  2. Don’t act like asking our opinion with these list when you already have your own of what will you do for it and always ignoring the important feedback from us, flaregames.

ps. By the way where’s that human(?) Nicolas Nottin or often called @Nikko? Is he still breathing? Did you have agreed to take over RR2 forum @flaretara? If not then when we’ll got proper replacement for @Alysea?




Good to see changes being forecasted, rather than happening out of the blue.

I had asked Tara a while ago about the delay forging as it only drops 4 hundredths of a second for all that forging yet the animation popping up is over a second.

So it didn’t seem to do anything in reality.

That may be what they are looking at?


I think they all need to be the premium thing for their special ability.

And then spells become a poorer second place.

This then forces the choice of your premium item.

The Tc reduction would have been FINE  with a slowdown pet as a choice.

Then the balancing of premium items is innate as you can only have one.

The biggest problem I see in the balancing is the introduction of the new things at a beginners level.

Pets and beasts should have both been king level assigned. then the levels are appropriate for the king. ie can the pet food… or make it a minor boosting. like forging.

Right now you can have med to high trophy kings at a huge disparity in pets and beasts so the chances of the feedback being meaningful is slim.

Oh thx for opening this topic :grinning:



Well well well… Finally a sign of life from the side of flare administrators.

But to be honest, those things haven’t highest priority by far. First explain why there was a silence for such a long time, it only made players crying into the void and forced a lot of them to search a new game.

One of the drastic changes was the nerf of toxic cloud. Never ever nerf something drastic like you did there ever again, it can be done in steps to give players at least some alternatives.

Regarding the pets/beasts balancing, you should add a minimum level, since at levels 5- it will not be a problem. Most free players either don’t have the pal or didn’t upgrade it far enough to give a descent answer.

I would suggest to lower damage of skeletons, it’s indeed not normal that a few can do more damage than incoming projectiles. I would load the electricity bar faster of the necromancer,till now I never faced one shooting electricity. The health of necromancer is too high. It should be killable by a spell that’s forged 15+ times. Now a blizzard only thickles it.

For the rest, learn not to ignore players, that’s giving the impression that you don’t care.

Well said :slight_smile:


Remove panda blood return skills

Instead of hitting the storm (first skill)

Panda invincible

Too perverted, needs to be weakened

Other pets become furnishings!

Pet boxes are never sold out!

@flaretara Do you really believe that reduce TC’s slowdown is good for the game? Fucking NO!!! 

Be careful in banning account was banned for no need to stop this.if you have exact proof then only you can ban players.


Sorry to say this but that “Watch list” looks kind of useless, like someone tries just to do minimum effort to cover all the drama that’s been going for weeks. Usually I am more than happy to help by sharing my opinion and experience in such threads but only when I know someone is listening. Here,  I am more than sure that you will do what you want to do anyway, community feedback has been shared on forum already, all you need to do is just read all the neglected threads.

Who knows?  We can guess all we want, but that’s all we can do since Flare won’t tell us.

Please Flare, update all troops, spells, towers, obstacle and pets, so we can complain afterward that you screwed up the game balance. Please ! Oh and add one level to everything. I also want an “Automatic win” button before any raid. Please fix anything that’s not broken !

Nerf Wolves. Most bases have Wolves. Most players use Wolves to raid. If Necromancers are going to be nerfed based on this premise, then Wolves should be the first to be nerfed.