Watch List Joke

I challenge any employee of Flare to tell me why the Gargoyle itself is not on the Watch List.



P.S. Just doing your job for you, for free, as always!

I’m not a flare employee (surprise!) but I have an answer.

Why gargoyle isn’t on watch list? Because shush, obviously. (you’ll see how true this answer is when they’ll ignore your question, like they do oh-so-often. )

its ok the list go until January 2018 but what happen after this date? No change? nothing has been change since? Flare c’mon update your list. I am sure many stuffs has been change since many month

I think the explanation is quite simple.

As you can see on most things listed, they are usually related to balancing health, damage,… (stats)

And why do you ask? Because it’s the easier, to change values.

Now, gargoyles… That’s another business.

Just like everyone knows, Gargoyles would need a complete overhaul  in its mechanics, so they could be useful somehow.

The problem is that I never saw Flare doing an overhaul on anything, only small fixes, balancing, …

Changing the way a unit works? A spell? Nope, too much effort! Too much work!

Gargoyles could ride on Growl for Speed-Increasement. Then, Growl should also explode as he is as useless as the Gargs.

That’s not so bad of a start-up idea! We could get a special Gargoyle pal and beast. The beast explodes when it is killed and also deals fire when alive! I see potential, but you never know