Watch towers.. alliance upgrades... boost ... where is the $$

Ok so now we must use alliance gold to

1; upgrade the alliance

2; upgrade the watch tower

3; run boost

Where in the hell are we suppose to get all this money?

The big allies will pay the super fee for donation packages I suppose? 

I NEVER understood why players cannot donate as much gold as they like to their alliance, without paying [real money] extra to donate it.

Players should be allowed to donate at least 2x a day? If we are increasing the things that must come from alliance gold?



Yes daily donation should be increased by 2times. Cooldown for donation should be 12 hours.


I also noticed that you have to have a worker to build a watchtower. Are there gonna be alliance workers? If not, how does this work? Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

Or same one worker will be taken by the person who upgrade it. Generals and Leaders will have 1 worker less.

Just wait and see, those announcements only say nothing, just more confusions every time

wait 4.0. We will discuss more of all of this after the update

It says very clearly there are alliance builders for the watchtowers. As for the Quarry, Alchemist Lab and Training Camp, I do not know if those workers will be alliance or player workers.

So there is, thanks Trunnion, forgot about that

NP, just trying to be helpful, I have 2 pages of notes to help me stay organized for the update.

Ahh, come on! School hasn’t started up again yet, let’s not get into notes :lol: 

I’m 46 and my head is so crammed full of useless sh*t that notes are necessary. You will understand when you get old as well. ?