Watching video ads to speed up ninja islands


I suggest to have an option to speed up the ninja islands and ships process by watching a video the same way we speed up the upgrade. I think that would be a great option even if the video reduced just 10% of the time it would be great in addition to more $$$ to flare by videos :wink:


what do you think???

good idea 

No that would cause more problems than it solves,  as there are many players who have problems with watching videos, we have quite enough as it is, some of them are far too long. 

Just limit raids to 10 a day, so it fits in with our lives. 

Those who can’t watch videos would complain and say once again they have a disadvantage, it’s not fair for them. Chaging the system is better, I think.

Ah, this feels better…

I disagree with Karman!

Sure the video thing is it’s own problem that should be fixed…

Albeit, I don’t think having one problem should prevent you from solving another problem. 

I like the idea a lot!

Give me the videos so I can get to the next damn island! 

I want the ninjas, but I also want to sleep and work!

Here’s a logical question:

“The Villain” put a portal in our base, and we now use it to attack him… 

But whenever we attack one of his islands we destroy the portal on it!

Why wouldn’t we destroy the portal in our base?

Better yet why wouldn’t we use the portal on the island we just attacked to get to the next island? 

(No videos, and no ship!) 

Yay! We’re disagreeing again! Your idea is good, it’s just that maybe videos should work for everyone before adding something more that gives advantage to people with working videos. My videos work perfectly, I’m just saying.

Is one week that I can’t watch videos… ‘no offer for you… Try later…’ It’s time to fix this issue.


I’ve have the videos be quirky a few times…

Like while they were playing a box came up saying there was problems playing the video and if you hit dismiss it goes back to the main screen…  But if you wait till the video is done and hit dismiss it goes back to the main screen and you still get your reward. 

I’ve had many other times where I ran myself out of video offers.

But I’ve never seen this big video down error. 

I’m honestly, kind of wondering if this is just people complaining when they used up all the video offers?  Or people who just can’t figure out how to get around the quirks?


Clearing your App Data and restarting your phone/tablet usually solves this problem.

By the way, I am a PC player and I can’t watch videos too so I won’t really benefit from the video feature if they apply it anyways but I was just suggesting it and sure if they make the videos for everyone I would love it even more.

Also changing the system or decreasing the times of the ships it would be much better because really we can’t do 30 raids on time if we don’t speed up or wake up in the middle of the night just to raid when the ship is ready and that’s why I had to do on the last day btw

I play on Windows as well - using Nox.  That way I get all the offers and videos that are the norm for Android players.  I still run out of offers though.  I’d watch even more of them if given the opportunity.  I have a lot more time than I do money and watching the ads is a good way to help support development on the game.

I agree with this proposal !!