Watchtower bug

Hi Flares,

(Update 2018-11-06: The same problem repeated at this Conquest. Please see the lastest reply for more info.  We regreted about the failure of recovering as well as no compensation for the last error (for Oct’s), which occured many alliances.  We were lanked 4th at this Conquest partly because an important member had stacked at the tile.  Please consider any compensate such as activates one of the three Conquest rewards).

One watchtower is reaching to lose because of the inability to take any war in this particular watchtower.  No member can be seen in the list…

The war is in between the Korea . and the hades land alliance at the AC16 tile.


Please advise.

Hey OneKorea,

Thanks for posting this. We’re looking into the issue. Could you maybe send us two screenshots of the “Heroes on this Tile” screen (of your alliance and the opponent’s alliance) when you tap the player info button (that you can see below) of tile AC16? We appreciate your help :grinning:

Player Info Button.jpg

We are at the last step for winning… Please help, ?

Thanks for all your support.

Thanks a lot for the quick response OneKorea ?

But we need another screenshot. ? Can you tap the golden arrow on the right (see my screenshot below) on the “Heroes on this Tile” screen? So that we can also see the screen with your opponent’s information on the tile. Heroes on this Tile.jpg

My alliance cant attacco in this battle from 12h finish The conquest And we cant defense My tower we loose first Place for this bug thanks flare after 9 days The game hard i loose because this game is full bugs thanks really