Watchtowers - Times to destroy?


Does anyone know how long it takes to destroy a the watchtowers?  How long to destroy a Level 1 compared to Level 2 and Level 3?


When an enemy alliance attacks a tile with a watchtower a battle will take place, because you should have a tower guard present (and perhaps other pawns).

When the battle on that tile is over and the enemy team wins, I assume the tower gets destroyed, whatever the level of the tower.

I can vouche for that… We had a level 2 tower guarding a resource and a guy with 1000 more trophies than any of us came through and smeared us across the floor.  We had a major advantage with the terrain and level 2 defense modifiers, but we simply couldn’t score more than a few dozen skulls against him.  It didn’t last a full 24 hours because he won by supreme victory after awhile, but it really wasn’t any different than any other fight as far as time is concerned.    If your player is strong enough, a well placed and guarded tower can be beaten.