Wave event

How about a special event to upgrade waves. Maybe 2 days upgrade time and more than one wave at a time.

Lol, knew someone would come up with this … wait like the rest of us … took me nearly 18 months!!


If they really do a thing like this most probably they make only the “upgrade time” or “upgrade cost” side reduced, since “use-more-than-one-workers” thing could required a patch that isn’t installed in our current version of the game.



The same logic can be applied to Alliance Tower, i have max alliance tower and i spent lot of months to have it and now that we have also a second alliance tower event, should i complain about this? Simply no because what is done…is done. Instead i would say good that we have alliance party event so others of my members can improve their alliance towers and improve all the alliance donations itself.


Another example can be made with the Defensive Buildings Event where you had max 2 days of waiting and cost reduced, no complains…surely a cool opportunity for players. And since it’s only an event and not forever shouldn’t be a real problem (until now events from my point didn’t messed up the gameplay instead most probably make happy some few people more that is good imo).

Opelle I agree that for some the defensive building event was good, for me though it was actually a pain, I had just that day started upgrading four garg towers to max, my upgrades took the full time, anyone who started after the event beat me by days, lol

20months and still upgrading :’( neglect them at early stage

Btw I dont want a wave upgrade event

Yeah, I had that before. I would prefer they warn us about the event in advance by approximately one day, but it may be abused by some players. 

Some Event ideas I sent to Flare a week ago…


• Double Upgrade: Players can upgrade 2 things inside each building at the same time… 2 spells, 2 troops, 2 construction plans and 2 waves. • Reduced prices to remove ruins. • Shorter Farms upgrade times. • Taverns produce ?x more gold. • Discount on all items on Granny’s Store. • Earn double amount of pearls when spending gems. • Super leagues: double rewards.


Well… I gotta try  :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel the odd one out among all the item upgrade is that of the farm, which does not produce any food when upgrading. All other buildings, spell, and units work even when upgrading.