Waves and Defense Layouts

Right now we have a designated Wave Setup to go with each Defense Layout. Wave Layout 1 goes with Defense Layout 1, Wave Layout 2 with Defense Layout 2 and the same for the 3rd layout. I think we should be able to have 3 different wave setups, but be able to use any of them with our different defense layouts. Let me explain. For Defense Layout 1, we should be able to choose to have Wave Layout 1, 2, or 3 in order to have more of a variety of troops to choose from. The same would go for Defense layout 2 and 3. This would make different wave setups a lot less of a pain to change when you are trying to make a better defense combo for your base. For example: Wave Setup 1 could be for cannons, wolves, and ogres. Wave Setup 2 could be for necromancers, wolves, and monks. Wave Setup 3 could be for archers, ogres, wolves. And Defense Layout 1 (just for example) could choose from any of these waves to have as it’s defensive troops

I think this would greatly reduce the pain of setting up your defense. What do you guys think?