Waves bugged in slot 3

I have my normal (outside war) defense path & waves configured in slot 1. For war, my defense path & waves are configured in slot 3.

When I test/look at my own defense, all is OK: defense path & waves from slot 3 are used. When somebody else tests/looks at my defense, it is not OK: my defense path uses slot 3 (is correct), but my waves use slot 1 (not correct).

I have changed my waves to slot 1 & 3 again in hope to force an update, but it doesn’t change, waves of slot 1 remain in use while slot 3 is selected.

This has possible caused my defense to be weaker throughout the war season. This could cause players to have  semi-open bases without knowing it…


My base how it looks to me: image.png


My base how it looks for somebody else:



Hi Stay0Puft,

Thanks for showing that to us. We added the issue to our database and it will be fixed with the upcoming live server update.