Waves Realign

On PC we have a problem in waves since version 2.0.0 or earlier. I found strange nobody have ask to fix this problem since over 1 year.

1.When you modify a Wave. The stupid wave go to the left. I don’t want to modify the right one.I change the left one and you are forced each time to swipe to the right each time you change or remove a unit

Here you see the waves was focus on Wave No.8 but I was busy to change my Wave No.7 and working on Wave No.7. So its a pain to change a Wave

2.You see when I try to change Wave No.8 if there was a Wave No.9 then the Wave No.8 go the left more and more each time you change or remove a unit

Solution Fix

Just make the Wave in middle of the screen and stay at middle of the screen like Olympus Rising. Not hard to do. You can fix this with a server update. No need to wait 2 or 3 month or 1 year to fix this.Can do it in few minutes in the code.When I change or remove a unit I want the game focus on the Wave you modify and still in middle

Still in middle like this :