I’m quite new in this game and don’t see waves when I test my defence… What am I doing wrong?

…mhm…what do you mean for “i don’t see waves”? You have set the waves and when you test your base no troops come?

You have to click on the Castle Guard, then you can set the troops you want by clicking the “+”

Each troops has its own morale: for example knight costs 1, archer costs 2, Pyromancer costs 4, and so on…

If you have a wave with max 13 points of morale you can fill it with 6 archers (6x2=12) and 1 knight (1x1=1) so you fill all 12+1=13 morale points for example or whatever you want.

Otherwise you can click the “Random” button next to “Upgrade” button and the wave will be filled at all by random troops chosen by game system.


Hope this help you.




Hello, yes Bolz I mean that… No waves come when I test my defence… I clicked the +button but still don’t see any wave…

youre new so its gonna take some time for troops to spawn

Thank you Opelle but I do that and still no wave…

So you have troops set in the defensive waves, and you waited for a full raid’s time and no defensive troops approached you?

It seems like you need to level up the castle guard to have waves coming out, at start you have to wait like 72seconds that is a big time but once you level up the Castle Guard, your Wave Time decrease to see all changes check this page: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Castle_Guard

Hope this is the answer !