We are in the wrong league for war!

My team, Olympus Overlords, is supposed to be in league of kings. We won 9 torches the first war. Yet, when this war started somehow are are in Demi gods with only 2 torches!!! 


What at the heck happened!  This is ridiculous. And now are are facing a Demi gods team as well.  Not to mention we don’t have access to the Demi gods blessings.  I can’t believe these bugs are still continuing with wars.


please do something about this ASAP.



This is not a bug, you have been auto-promoted. This means you are now in the higher league. When this happens, we place your Alliance in the middle of the pack, so that an Alliance cannot be auto-promoted and end up in 1st position in the higher League without doing anything, and also so that they don’t get Auto-promoted and then just go straight back down. The positive side of this is that you now have a higher chance of gaining better rewards, you don’t have to fight to go up that League.

We understand that this system has its problems; the way that the Leagues work means that we have to ensure that all the seeded Leagues are full for each War, so if an Alliance drops out completely, we auto-promote the top Alliance from the League below and this continues down through the Leagues until the top Alliance in Mortal League is promoted. We did not anticipate it happening so often.

Unfortunately the messaging in-game is not very good for this feature, and also the Alliances which are auto-promoted have one less Blessing than their new opponents. We plan to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Sorry, but this is a bunch of BS.  We didn’t ask for, nor want this. My team was feeling pretty damn good about its of and now we are stuck in the middle of the pack looking like we haven’t achieved anything. Not to mention the fact that you didn’t even make the league war blessings available to us. Normally I think you’re on the ball Morgan, but this was a huge mistake.

I get the auto-seeding problem.

I’m in the same team as Skellz and I’d like to share the impact on our end so you can take that into consideration when fixing these issues.

  1. there was no in-game communication (that I saw) letting us know what happened - having this would reduce confusion (as we changed league and our number of torches changed)
  2. a lot of people in the alliance were working towards this being our fourth consecutive victory so we’d win the MARATHON quest and get 1,000 gems each and upgrade our Alliance halls so we could afford both the TITAN tower standard blessing + PERSES tower war blessing when we moved up to demi-god league; we won’t be able to win this war so it will now be a long time before we again have the opportunity to complete this quest
  3. as Skellz mentioned, although we’re promoted, we don’t get the war blessing for the demi-god league
  4. we don’t get any gem benefit by being automatically upgraded; some gem reward would be appreciated - especially when there has been an impact on Alliance strategy; for example 500 gems is the difference between the two leagues, there are three wars left this season: 500 / 4 * 3 = 375 gems


You are absolutely right Jay and we fxxxxd up again in earlier season also we have matched with 1 alliance instead of having 2 and @Madlen is searching reply… @CaptainMorgan you have to compensate our Alliance and we are not asking anything wrong.

@CaptainMorgan When we get Perses tower blessing?

At the end of the season if you stay in the league. This won’t be fixed any time soon. 

I’d like to know the answer also. Although the blessing is further down a long list of my grievances with our promotion, if you are going to do something then at least be thorough and do it correctly!