We didn't received our fields!

After the War Season’s ends, it’s obviously that all alliances received a couple of fields, but we didn’t… so what we supposed to do? Are this is an bug? Are it happened with anyone else beyond us?

It’s no doubt funny…u comes forum for complaint and all but never follow official announcements made in forum…they clearly said because of disconnection issue this war will be counted as it hasn’t happen at all…all will get all boost too and all will be first…as the last war never happened how will u get ur fiefdoms  :grinning:

i think most players in the game did not know about flare decision to make everyone winners.

in our map, there were many alliances using gold to shield and champion up into the final day.

Leaders of the alliance should be aware and respond accordingly. 

Yeah I didn’t see, so, what’s the problem? To complaining in this forum, I need follow up all the posts? No, my ally buddies didn’t see it anything about it too, so don’t be a gross!

Yeah, totally agree!


It’s literally standing right here, in official announcements, like others say. There is also a search option on top of the screen. One of the rules before opening a topic (you didn’t read them, I expect, but that’s no excuse) is to check if there is a similar topic.  Here the link so that you can read the reason why.

There flare staff explained that no one will gain fiefdoms from the previous season. Maybe you are new on the forum, but those Official announcements are one place from which you should read the topics to be informed. It doesn’t hold all important information, but at least it’s a start. 

I said it that I didn’t see, yeah i’m new here… i’m here since January! It doesn’t mean that I dumb! I know how to use this site, I’m not excusing, it’s literally we didn’t see the announcement, so I ask again, what’s the problem with that? I’m not allowed to post anything just because of this? Just cause I didn’t see the post? That’s sucks!!! Maybe we’ve read, but we don’t understand it, or whatever.

I didn’t say you are dumb and you don’t need to apologize. I was responding to help you by showing where flare announced it.

Please don’t search for a confrontation when there is no intention to hurt your feelings.  Enjoy the game, you know the reason now, that’s what matters.