We discussed what is really necessary for conquest and alliance .Here, we would like to ask for opinions from everyone of the forum.”Olympiodoros &aslan"



Today, we asked for opinions from each other.
We talked about the conquest with a friend’s chat game and what we really need for an alliance.

We gave an opinion on the best ideas and conclusions of each other’s games.

I got him permission to publish video chat.

Here I would like to hear opinions from everyone in the forum.



Let’s see how the new matchmaking algorithm works out.

I’m going into a fierce battle now.

It is time to fight strategy.

But did matching really get better?

( now the current time alliance ranking)

ENIGMA Ranking 100th

mYm Ranking 236th

The Great Jimingos  48th

Aslan777 270th 


I think will be better. 

And new matchmaking alghoritm will show on next conquest

A small alliance has become advantageous in earning a score.
It is an intermediate alliance that has a lot of damage.That’s what the score ranking means.


What levels are the Alliances?

I am in Enigma (general) yes we are rank 100 but we are very international alliance never very many on at same time. We have people from all over world and cannot coordinate battles as well as our rank would seem. In wars we have no problem because game can be played anytime in 24 hours but in conquest we don’t have enough on to coordinate battles. On the other side while Aslan is much lower rank all players are constantly on and very coordinated with good strategy almost as if many are controlled by same person. In regular war would be no match conquest is much different though.

This time I divided it from the team of the day and the team of the night.

My friend who supports me is divided between night and day.

Cooperative people are abundant in Japan’s night.It is time to get back from work

This is also an international member. Of course, I remember members with a lot of login times. But mostly it is a few times a day.

Conquest is doing my best with the same friends. :slightly_frowning_face:

Some members who always fight but Today is Conqest mode  will run away.

It can not be forced

I am the strongest account in Aslan777 and I decreased 1000 gem in the battle last night. :slightly_frowning_face:  It is a battle of ENIGMA last night.

Other battle fighters will also be terrible

I command decoy because they are low level that they can not win at all.

ENIGMA is a strong member and enters the watchtower of LV 4. It feels like a lot of big bears are coming in the house. :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided this strategy with this one defeat. Of course you remember this victory. :grinning:

This is all about my alliance. I want them to fight all members, but few collaborators already.

Even though I think comprehensively, Aslan 777 has no ability to beat 100th in all.
Even if we compete with opponents we have to use a lot of scrolling, all members suffer very much. If this continues, there will be an alliance to abandon the conquest or choose to quit the game. Because gem is real money, I do not want anyone to play games that uses this a lot while suffering unfairly.

Decoy strategy can not play · Can not wait · For players who can not fight.
Combination strategy with friends. It is a strategy to the extent that even a small alliance can do.

Perfect senior players and all boost and conquest facilities are not in my alliance.

It is also a strategy to think about what you can do in an intermediate alliance or small alliance environment that considers savings.

This is an effort to be completed within one alliance. My strategy is like this.


Matching is another thing but it is clear again.

In bid-race matches bullying and bad examples spread. This is not a strategy but a bad practice.

Nobody will study such a game. Such games will not develop a game to play.

Unfortunately it is time for me to shout that neither myself nor you should see bullying games.



We divide (categorize) our members to: fighters team & sleepers team ?
Btw, seeing your map, seem you guys don’t care about resource tiles, that’s look like: one team try to eliminate other team scenario?


There are members in my team who are fighting members who like walking and members who are sleeping.

I like walks rather than fighting.

This time  is The Watchtower of LV 4 ·and  LV 3 was easy for us to prepare.

It is easier if you take a mine. Why do we need to have the watchtower of LV 2 in the watchtower area of LV 4?

Land without any owner is spreading next to it. That’s it. Do I need to explain this?


We have lvl.2 - lvl.3 towers.
The hug problem is: we’re under attack by strongest ally at our map, our frontline towers.
Those sleepers become liability, give no support-just sleep over, lacking fighters. We may lose those towers, wasted every effort we’ve made

Aslan777 is very coordinated team. The screenshot above is actually around resource tile not wiping off map. In this case they got their first with more players built strong towers first we try to take it but not enough players to be effective. They spam attack with open base 900 trophy accounts non stop so you are never out of battle. As I said good strategy and works well because they had tower first if other way around they probably could not win battles because lower ranks.


In war sleeping members dont get any war chests and only get war boosts.   In conquest get exact same rewards as hard working members.  Sad