we do not receive a prize after winning a war

Hi, my name in the game is .Curve. I am an officer in the Argentine Warriors Alliance and we are worried because the prize of our war never comes. It happened 2 times in a row and we did not receive the blessings of war or the gems. Many players are unmotivated because this is happening very often. It is a great pity.

Hello Curve.

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Sorry to hear that.

Our customer service can help you. Please contact them: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Please make sure to contact them in English.

Thank you!

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The correct IGN is: .Cuervo.

Ally name: Guerreros Argentina

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Thanks, but he still needs to contact customer support. Thank you!

Yes ofc, but what I meant is ChetBaker has to provide the correct info, otherwise it will be difficult to customer support to help him/her.  :slight_smile:

You wont receive gems or the war blessings until after the season has finished, NOT the war or 2 wars!

The end of the 4th War also marks the end of each Season, right?

Since I don’t play war (yet), I totally forgot that rule, so thanks @Philstar for pointing that out.

@ChetBaker, if you’re talking about the previous Season, you can contact customer support.

But if you’re talking about the current Season, you should not contact them, as you need to wait till the end of the 4th War to get the proper rewards.

Edit: To resume the War Season chronology:

(Beginning of Season)

War 1 - Campaign

War 2 - Duel

(week off)

War 3 - Confrontation

War 4 - Incursion

(End of Season)

War Blessings & Gems rewards

(week off)

Lo siento, no se mucho de inglés y el traductor no hace un bien trabajo.

Entiendo, ahora lo veo más claro. Muchas gracias por la aclaración

De nada, pero Inglés por favor :grinning:

finally the war season ended and the prize we received was much less than expected. We won every war and even then they only gave us 1000 prize gems, a fiasco. And not only that, but some of my colleagues were raped and removed gems from their account. A real scam