We found a new Team member ?

Can anyone explain this:


We found this guy “Turmwächter” in our Alliance. No one knows him, no one invited him, no stats, …

We don’t know his skullperk, his daily donation …


As name suggests, he’s the janitor keeping watch of towers. NPC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, he has better statistics than the three above him - just kidding.

Look at that, seems like an invasion of tower guards:

Hey guys!

I’m writing on behalf of the QA team :grinning:

Thanks for reporting this bug to us. We are aware of the issue. And it will be fixed with version 4.1

Be carefull, he seems to be a jumper, also with an account in our alliance! Or Maybe a spy? Guess he is violationg the ToS with his multi-accounts…

Yeah they should immediately ban him!  :wink:

Yeah we have tower guard fella too