"We have an update" - GalaMorgane

So in the latest announcement by Gala, she said that she had an update on the Windows ad problem. But the post she made left me really confused. The only “update” that I could find, was that we now know that Vungle is working on fixing it. I mean, we already knew that flaregames was trying to do something about it and we already knew they were sorry

We also got, in the post, a sentence that told us that it was not likely to be fixed before version 4.0…*ahem*, ARE YOU KIDDING? Don’t give us a timetable for the ad fix when you haven’t even given us a timetable for 4.0!!

The update is the ads are back on for Windows even if they don’t work for all, and that we should not expect anything soon so should stop asking. 

Also, too, they want us to know it is Vungle’s fault.