We lost our founder AND general!

Hi everyone,

My alliance recently faced a problem. We’ve been around for many months and have reached the ranking of 139. Unfortunately, our long-time founder has disappeared (I’m guessing he has lost interest in the game and has stopped playing), is now inactive, and in the same week, we have also lost our general. At the moment, the highest positions in the team are 2 officers. 

Has anyone faced this before, that you’ve lost both your founder and general on the same week? What did you do? What would you do? The problem is, the 2 officers in the alliance aren’t too keen on taking up the leadership, but they cannot promote anyone to any position higher than captain. The recent alliance war was terrible for us, what with the loss of leadership. We hope not to disband as it took us a long time to reach the level that we are now. 

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  • StrangerDanger

@strangerdanger one of the officers will be automatically promoted to general in 10 days (I believe its 10, dumpster would correct me if I am wrong). He would then be able to crown someone who is keen enough to lead the alliance. I am not entirely sure about the Founder mechanics, as it is discontinued and my clan thus does not have one, but I am pretty sure he is not subjected to automatic rotation.


EDIT: Copy of the mostly useless FAQ section to give you an “official” breakdown of things:

  • What happens if the General is flagged as inactive?

If the General is inactive during an extended period of time, the Leadership will automatically be transferred to another player. This automatic mechanism serves to prevent “leaderless” alliances, should an alliance general choose to quit the game or take a longer break.


Unfortunately, the support team cannot directly edit alliance ranks due to technical reasons. In order to regain your position, please make sure to contact the current general and ask for a promotion.

Thanks @Infamous. I did read that part about the inactive general. Wasn’t sure about the automatic promotion as I kept checking and none of the officers were promoted yet. I’ll feedback to the group. We lost so many key players when our leader was MIA. :slightly_frowning_face:

The general tag should have moved to the most senior officer as soon as the general left. That doesn’t seem right. Is the founder actually inactive, or is he just not talking. 

All of you could also leave the alliance and start a new one (with the same members). Hence, you’ll have a founder and then he can assign a general.  :wink:

@dumpster He’s already listed as inactive. Just checked the positions; the longer-standing officer still hasn’t been promoted to General. Our alliance only has Officers and below; no generals. 


@Sharknado We decided not to start from scratch because it took us so long to reach our current ranking :slightly_frowning_face:  

Maybe the number of days required for an officer to replace the inactive general has not yet been met. We have 11 days before the war, if the issue is still there, you could try contacting the support staff.

Hey @strangerdanger,

We will look into fixing this - although there should be nothing stopping one of the Officers from just taking over, since the only extra things the General can do are renaming, changing Alliance Sigil, etc.

The “reappointment” of a General only occurs when there is also no Founder in the Alliance, the Founder will be kicked from the Alliance after 30 days of inactivity. If both the Officers are in the Forum, they should get in touch with me in a group message here and I will run through some checks, then promote one to General. Note: if the Founder comes back they will be able to demote you if they aren’t happy with the decision.

Another important thing that a general/founder can do is appoint officers. If they had a lack of officers to begin with, that can turn into a nightmare. It’s a good way to lose control of blessings.

I believe the automatic mechanism in both RR2 and OR has it to where the highest player (in trophies I believe) in the alliance becomes the leader. @CaptainMorgan if you can verify this, please do :slight_smile:  

At least in OR it is the longest serving Officer (if no Officers, the longest serving Captain, etc.).

Hi @strangerdanger! I left the alliance more than a month ago to recruit, I informed you guys about it via alliance chat. However, nobody invited me back to join the alliance. Then I checked some former members including our general Brogdar who is now with a new alliance. Sad to know that @SmokeAlot is now inactive. I have found and joined a good alliance now. I hope you guys have re-established your alliance. Thanks for the time I’ve spent with you. Wish you all the best.

Hey @iamGodMAC, no worries mate. The original post was written when so many people left and it was just me and Acha holding the fort as co-leaders. To be honest, I wasn’t comfortable being in that role, and neither was Acha. We managed not to lose too badly in one of the wars but thought it was time to say goodbye. Brodgar and I are in the same alliance now (Ghostbusters). Glad to know you’ve found a good alliance too. I checked the rest and they’re in established alliances as well. It was my pleasure and honour fighting alongside you. All the best! :slight_smile: