We need an Alliance War forum

Alliance wars has become a big part of the game as it is happeneing like 75% of the time.

It could be a sub-forum in Alliances & Recruitment.


Currently Alliance war threads take up space in all the other forums so it’d be nice to have all the user created threads for alliance wars in one place.

The “Alliances & Recruitment” subforum has been created for this purpose since Flaregames introduced Alliance Wars into the game, i don’t see the problem to create other Forum. This forum is already messed up enough to search things you need more time than the old forum…no other forums/subforums please !


Typically Moderator/Administrators have access in a forum to move threads. I am not sure why that does not happen here.


If you are looking for something in the forums, go to Google/Bing and type “forums.Flaregames.com” Then type in your search phrase next to it with keywords only.

forums.flaregames.com barricades boost gems”

Try it :grinning: