We Need Compensation ASAP

Dear @GalaMorgane and @CaptainMorgan,



I know you have fixed a bug that allowed some Allainces to prolong blessing upto 80+ days.!!


??Nai Duniya?? was also among them who had Blessings for 80+ days.! 


We spent a lot of gold and gems to prolong that.! ?


You have easily reduced them to 36 days.! That’s fine.!!

But we need compensation for our Gems and Donation Gold ASAP.?

I personally donated all my 4000 gems for allaince to prolong those blessings.!! I need my donations back as gems. ??

Still 131mil Gold left, that must have escalated faster than Flash himself ?

Just a voice - when there is a bug, you guys should have reported the same or should have stayed quiet without putting more money into the game.

Without that, you have tried to exploit the bug to your own advantage… Very unfair…

Just so you had won this war, you have exploited the bug. What if you’ve lost and not got any blessings. Would you still be complaining then?
I just don’t understand one thing, how can you say that you’ve gone along in exploiting a bug? 

One other thing, FG has reduced the days to 36, and it is not easy. IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO CONSIDERING THERE ARE OTHERS PLAYERS AS WELL…

PS: Nothing said above is on a personal level, but just wanted to let you know.


LOL ? We always keep 100M in stock ??

This is first time for us as well like everyone else to play war season.! 

When we started to prolong, we we were amazed as well.! But then we saw same duration on our brother allaince as well.!

We thought next season is going to be something different or long.! 

We didn’t know this was a bug until we saw yesterday’s announcement.! 

One More Thing, We have received our compensation.! Thanks FG and Morgan Sir ?

Wow so much gold. They have like 900 Millions gold or what? enough to prolonge War Boost for 200 days. Next time they should accumulate enough gold to boost for 365 days. So no more trouble with boost ?

Yes true. Just so people having money, they are able to donate so much and extend blessings. Then it be like crap for other players. @CaptainMorgan Please can there be a reality check on this?

One more thing, I am not complaining but just my view on the distant future for OR… With this long run blessings, I don’t think players will try to hit the players with blessings(Many alliance have all blessings at same time), when this continues for long, say the 36 days in this case, many players will loose interest and eventually forget OR. All that will be left are the top 50 alliances merely a 1500 players… This by itself will kill the game… 

The solution to this is high powered forging. 

Glad to see in OR boost have a cap. in RR2 top alliance can boost if they want for 999 days. I don’t think there is a cap there. I have see few years ago a alliance boost all elite boost for 200 days. So if in OR there is a cap. Great!! good news. That scrap all the fun in the game at least for the others who try to beat them. So if there is a cap of 36 days good

We’ll have to wait for the V 4.1.0, so we receive that new forging system to do the same. The current system is nuts…!!!


It’s only for war blessings. You can extend them for the entire upcoming season, just like you could only extend war blessings for 1 week in the old system.

Regular blessings are uncapped.

There are several alliances who have all blessings paid up for over a year.

only for War Blessing. its bad. thanks for the info

When your alliance is low level it’s very affordable to extend your blessings for a year or 2 years, you just need to have the foresight and some cash on hand. It’s probably something that should be changed, because it does give some teams a big advantage over others. I would support placing a cap on blessings.

hi @dumpster the new system of war blessings gives top 10 alliances an infinite advantage. Fighting against the wall of the phalanx + gate of chaos together is very difficult; has the same difficulty as an odyssey in lvl 10.
With this system the developers have turned the other players into credit cards to buy and give away gems to the players of the top 10 alliances. It is not a personal speech but it is only a consideration and a statement of a fact

you should join a titan league alliance if this bothers you so much.

And I’m not seeing a dramatic change in gems or failed defense since the war blessings were put in place.

you’re right, but it would be a selfish and valid solution in the short term. For me it would be better to find a solution useful to all players from # 1 to # 20000

You don’t think alliances should be rewarded for being able to stay in league of titans?

yes, and I said it was not a personal speech, but the advantage is disproportionate and as I told you to face who has the blessings of the top 10 alliances is tantamount to making the odyssey to lvl 10 and you know it. I repeat I agree to give a reward but this system of blessings is as if the members of the top 10 alliances play another game and must be honest and admit it

Level 10 odysseys are 3 star gold fame islands. It’s not comparable.


What do you think the reward should be for fighting other alliances in league of titans? Because I think the rewards could be reworked, also. I’d like your opinion.


AND it’s only one more blessing over league of gods. It’s like, not that much, dude. Chaos gate was MAJORLY nerfed last year.

Titan League rewards are mandatory to fight against other Titan League players, the problem is for all other players who find Titan League members on the map