We Need Longer Path more Towers, Barricades,Traps and Waves

This Game is getting to the point that all bases beatable with uber items,perk,ninjas. Defense just cant keep up with all these new stuffs. every perk on defense take days to cool down. All high level players who have spent tons of $$$$$$ to perked their defenses now all trash ( big time garbage )  Every base is now beatable with at least 30 secs to more than 1 min left ??? where is the Defense Flare ??? I really think Flare should think about this, because if you are not i will quit this stupid game RR2 Defense Your Castle. We need to balance defense vs offense, Longer path like the ninja levels or the dungeon, more towers, traps, barricade and waves as well. I will not spent any more $$$ until you fix this problem, because no matter what you build or perk your defense, it is beatable for most of the match maker players without a single scoll, so why spending money to more upgrade ???

Players please support my topic to send flare a warning for ripping off our MONEY for garbage defenses…

I agree with Nathan… this game became unbalance. Should be mote harder to raid top bases. We need something to boost our defenses ASAP.

Defense indeed needs to be tougher because offense is OP, but adding levels to stuff doesn’t sound like the best of the solutions, because players have complained many times about the game becoming an infinite upgrading travel, and I agree. The best would be buffing defense, but Flare has never done that before (it seems they just love to secretly nerf things like frosters), so I don’t see that happening, even when they should.

I would like longer paths and more towers/traps… its kind of boring seeing almost all players using “L” bases. This could kill 2 birds with one shot… boots our defenses and “make this game great again”. Im not talking 1 or 2 path or 1 or 2 towers… im talking about longer paths like dungeons or islands…

Obviously, adding more path should come with more time to raid the base (in order not to unbalance the game). This way players could get a shot of beating longer paths.

Regarding to the building levels… they need more lvls… ppl complains about more lvls not because it will make this game endless but because other players pays to upgrade them instantly (that is a problem we cant avoid).  The game being endless is good… keep us going… if we reach the limit and the differents dissapear (as is happening now that flare went so crazy giving away a lot of pearls) this game becomes boring.


The game indeed might get very boring if you reach a limit where you already maxed everything so there’s nothing to spend your gold on, and so maybe there isn’t even a reason to keep raiding. But also keep adding levels and making the game endless can be frustrating, as some might think there’s no point on upgrading stuff as they’ll never reach a maximum.

Also, longer path would add more variety to base designs, and that would be interesting, sadly I think some “L” path users might not leave their design behind and just add a curve to it while keeping the “L”, so it would be cool, but adding path tiles isn’t completely a solution.

Here’s my suggestion to balance the defense:


Well, maybe we will have longer L bases or maybe trident bases (2 L bases combined as a mirrow) or maybe new desings …who knows… i really think longer path will make this game a lot of fun again and wont affect players that want to have shorter path coz having a  longer path would mean also more time to raid it.

I think Flare could nail this if they implement “The Guardian Idea” from Maerique and longer path bases (with more defensive buildings) as propposed by Nathan.

I do have some suggestions which I had earlier mentioned in ‘New Set of War Boosts’. I’ll summarise them in short. These are mainly for defense.

  1. Frost Tower Boost - Extra HP & Additional Piercing Damage.

  2. Blockade Boost - No Extra HP but additional 25% resistance to all types of damages so 75% weakness instead of 100% to blunt damage thereby making it tougher. Also Deals Poison Damage after it is destroyed in an area of 2.00 for 3 seconds.

  3. Mortar Boost - Faster attack rate & more bombs released per attack in different direction. The bombs deal less damage proportionately



  1. Black Magic Tower - Copies units just like Black Magic Spell & Stuns enemies for a second. 3 ‘charges’ are there. Upgrading the tower means more shadow morale & more charges. In each charge the tower can copy units upto say 15 morale at level 1. It’s resistance would be fire & poison damage but weakness can be limited to bunt damage only.

  2. Fan Tower - Like FBs & LTs it sits in the middle of the path. It has a huge fan rotating & dealing massive normal damage. It’s Elite Boost would be Fire Fan dealing Fire damage & higher attack rate. It’s weakness could be Ice & Blunt, like Skull towers.


I Really love @Maerique Tar Pit Idea. It would be very good if Flare implement the towers & the obstacle.

LOL hahaha!!! this topic suggested more toughness in defense and this is the first time Flare listen you on something. Still more lenght path can be cool for more design and sure with at least like Dawn of Steel with 3 Min of time

Just give me one more tower and i’ll be happy… for now…