We need more levels !!!

I would like to improve the castle gate real Guadia, the wizard’s tower, the treasure chamber and thus in general.

Please developers the game needs to evolve further.

Thank you so much.

Ummm nope… Players are actually tired of devs adding more levels, we don’t want this to become an infinite upgrade game (even forges have a limit), so I don’t want more levels for everything 

i agree with karman…

if we have more and more update we the new players will never reach up the high level players and that’s bad

I just hope you’re kidding LOL  :lol:

U R right … but not now!!! Maybe when we reaches 1.5 milion 

on the fb :wink:

Add forge for Troop Academy, Castle Guard, Wizard Tower;  let us reduce completion time and cost.

troop academy all ready have forge 

Troops have forge, not the actual Academy

yes it have 

So what bonuses do you get for Forgeing the Academy?  And where is the icon to Forge the ACADEMY? (not the troops)

o sorry i was talking about the troops in the ACADEMY