We Need Much Better Notifications durring the Conquest...

I’m going to start this by saying in general I am loving the Conquest Event!

But we do need much better notifications…

First huge problem: We get spammed with notifications of wars that we’ll never be able to reach.  I got 20 in one login once!  So what happens is you don’t (and shouldn’t) look at them all too closely!

BUT there’s no unique notification for a War you are expected to fight in.  Those are easy to find if they are actually attacking your piece on the map.  But when they attack a Tower you have been assigned to you’d never know unless you just scrolled around and checked your tower! 

Many of my less savvy alliance members have entirely missed that their towers were under attack and never even fought! 

And I don’t blame them or communication!

I blame Flare.  Flare should have given them a unique notification that just sat on their screen until they completed the battles.

And again it wasn’t our fault we told them in chat, but again Flare should have given us the ability to communicate with each other better. 

For our alliance our chat screen only lasts about 15 minutes before it fills up, and everything said has dropped off into oblivion and nobody logs on every 15 minutes!

Again Flare’s fault!

To add, and I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about, the notifications about the wars when you enter conquests after you log in are super annoying. Yes, yes, I can see we lost a dozen wars and won 2, I don’t give a shite. Just let me frikin play!

What they said. Whenever I log in I have to delete 20 “war won/lost/initiated” messages from alliance inbox and then spend two minutes clicking through war results all over the map. I get the point of those messages but for war details just make one summary screen when I can see war results for all wars at once. Cleaner, faster and less annoying.

Totally agree! I hate how small the chat is! It’s very important to get information and strategies into the chat and as of right now, it’s impossible to do, especially because we’re only allowed to write 3 lines at a time, which I hate!

 Chat definitely needs an overall especially now we have conquest mode

I want to get this back on track.

Yes the chat needs to be fixed, but I’ve been asking for that for about 4 years.  I don’t really think it’s being fixed!  ?

But the notifications should be fixed immediately!

Inside the Conquest screen there should be a clickable shield to remind you of any battle for which you have not yet fought all your battles!


For the notification they should do like on Bluestack. I keep open it for some games. The notifications is awesome on this. I use it for WWE Champions. When someone need to be healed, or during Faction Feud when someone wait in the queue to do a feud war or when by example my Monster Legends when my stuffs are ready or when someone have attacked me in defense in multiplayer mode 

So can be cool if someone have notification activated to see each stuffs apear like when You are attaked in Conquest, for each action