We need new button

When all pro boosts are unlocked, some bases will be almost impossible to beat without scrolls.

Maybe flare can add a choose button in matchmaking how much gems we will spent to beat a base?

Now this pro seems not interesting

Not now, but in combination with other boost.  But only for the subscription buyers ally’s?


Need separate servers for the people that spend real money. The gap between the big spenders and the rest is already too big.

There is no problem for those who only play for fun, they don’t matter about trophy or ranking.

No problem for those who spent money, they can spent the amount they like.

Only problem for those who won’t spent money and want to be high in ranking : they have 2 options : to be that good they have luck they can join a subscription buyers ally (what a word?) or complaining.

You have to know what your goal is in this game.

But i think for new players it will be hard to get free playing a place at the top.

I think for new free players its unreal

Topspelers (gratis of betalen) hebben dat voorschot, het is inderdaad bijna onmogelijk om zo hoog te komen en geen geld uit te geven.

Zelfs met geld uitgeven, moet je ‘s nachts werken om’ s nachts te flare?

Not everyone understands dutch.


Sorry, autotranslation. 

I said : Top players free or paying have that advantage it is almost impossible to catch up that difference free playing.

And think most players don’t work at day to spent at night to flare when new starting

Not even Google Translate, it’s amazing  :wink:


Before first Facebook and then tablet changed social gaming forever there were still online games with huge followings. They avoided the trap of players bring too powerful purely on the basis of having played the game longer. They also recognised that you could be experienced at a game yet still lack skill at the game. A new player  could be a better player than one that had played years more. How did the game makers do this? Simple, the game reset after a certain number of weeks.

This concept has been lost yet it would fix the issue that this an many social games face. You  could argue that the pro league works in this way to an extent, but not enough.