We need poll regarding should be Pro be discontinued

I understand that some players have more skills than I do but seeing that players made +2000 in Pro hurt my brain and bring frustration in game. Game as such should bring positive emotions not negative as Pro produce in players.

I think main problem for most top alliances would be that overpowered pro boosts would no longer be there, when pro league would not be continued.

No pro archers and paladins in offense would make them no longer be able to win their raids and their defense would be beatable, without pro tower boosts.

So forget it, pro league will not be cancelled. It brings keenflare also cash and then stuff will not be considered to be rebalanced, even when something is overpowered.

They won’t stop the pro league, even when players start to hate it. There is too much at stake for top teams plus keenflare. What should happen, is better cheat detection and not act like now. When a player has been caught cheating with evidence, then that player should be banned. Only when fair play rewards the players that actually did well, only then pro league will be a success.

If u are ready to sacrifice the pro items, pro pals, pro crystals, chests, pearls, gems, pal treats that you get it in… you can continue with this request…
We arent interested!


I can understand that people are frustrated because they can not possibly reach the top 100 without practicing the set-up. :face_with_monocle:

I also think that many top places can only be done with practice on 2t and 3t accounts. A player who plays only one account has bad cards … or luck :shamrock:

Cheaters are another issue in the pro league. Here Flare should really be more active and ban these accounts and also properly explain the consequences of cheating …:point_left:t3:

Die Pro Boosts sind ein fester Bestandteil des Spiel und können nicht einfach entfernt werden. Gerade jetzt der helden Angriff im allgemeinen zu stark ist im Vergleich zur Burg Defence… da ist auch mit Boosts eine disbalance

The Pro Boosts are an integral part of the game and can not be easily removed.
Right now the hero attack in high Level is generally too strong compared to the castle defense

… there is also a bad balance with or without boosts :rr2zombie:

So the league should not be quit but reworked …
so that all players have equal chances and a better feeling when playing the league. :rr2viciousbucky:

I won’t vote for the cause… I don’t want pro leagues to discontinue… However, I would love to see some changes… Like, deciding the points and awards beforehand only, before the start of the pro league, and not changing it for that entire pro league… This way, regardless of ranking, people will get the exact fair amount of prizes promised with no hassle… And participants will get exactly what they deserve… Cheaters may get heavy prizes (which is not our concern), but fair players will get their deserving prizes…

Award distribution not on basis of ranking, but on the basis of fixed point system… You earn points, you get prize… Simple…

That was done before Flothaboss retirement from KEENFLARE. He was the one who tests pro-leagues. Now, I think, there are no capable raiders like Flothaboss in the TEAM, and so, they cannot do things correctly.


i miss his Videos too :pensive::disappointed_relieved:


Hello buuks,
I have moved this to general feedback section to keep the discussion going.

The pro league is not the problem.
Flare’s inability (or unwillingness) to really spot cheater scores and clean the pro league rankings is the problem here. It’s spoiling this game mode for everybody.