we need slight defense buff

Hey flare, 

After guardians showed up, which i appreciate and liked it, but the game play is ruined because of that. Defenses are a joke now, and need some buff. we moved to the time that was before 4.0 , wen any raider (poor or skilled) can come and clean you up. I dont mind the gold, but I dnt feel good when I see so many successful raids against my base and giving me just 2-3 gems with timewarps. Its frustrating to see that there is no point pushing pearls into ur defense anymore, cz still u cant defend ur castle. 

Consider this request developers. I think lot of players will agree to this. 


new unit and tower/trap levels coming soon

Like I explained in other topic, when they would just add new level to defensive structures, that would mean spells and troops would become obsolete.

Say they buff defense power by 10%-20%. Lower troops would not be able to survive the damage done by towers. So their health also needs a buff to survive and no, we don’t want to have new levels to realize that. 

Spells also become more and less obsolete. When firestorm can’t destroy firebolts any longer and spells become too weak to do their job well, it’s also not good. When spells designed to kill troops are no longer killing troops, then spells are useless. So also they need a buff. 

Maybe a good idea is not to buff anything, but let us build a few more towers plus obstacles and give 1-2 extra tiles for the path. 2-4 extra towers and 1-2 additional obstacles plus a slightly longer path, would definitely make some difference. 

Sure, some of us would need to build new towers from scratch and start to forge those. It’s better than always use additional levels to defense. For starters there are too many levels on towers already. It’s nuts that some defensive structures need 17+ upgrades to get them max. We don’t want any more levels on top of that. 

So when offense is OP, give us more towers and obstacles plus a slightly longer path. That would solve those problems. 

While I agree that offense got a huge buff, we have to give it some time before defenses will adapt to this new reality.

Buff needed.  Don’t make defenses irrelevant yet again. Not clear to me yet whether a slight buff or major buff needed.  Easy defenses will cut way back on the amount of scrolling needed. Surprised Flare didnt consider effect on their revenue. 

Once the crashing has been fixed, defenses will be a complete joke, just like before the conquest update

They did. They made a killing in the short term.

Maybe add a slow down boost. Maybe a new tower or new boost who can reduce Donkey speed of 80%. Not make it totally useless but maybe stop Donkey to destroy a entire base alone. So maybe make Frost trap more powerful or Froster more relevant. A counter its more than welcome. A brand new unit who can counter Guardian why not

Offense and Defense most be equal. you must lose if you are weak same with guardian and someone must lose with a base forged at +100. Win if you face weaker base.

A lots of work in balance for version 4.2+

I’m happy to see this kind of topic. Yes, it’s very frustating when attacking become to easy. I think a reduction of hp bar of guardian can be a solution, so no one can just “run” through a defense.


Just to proof guardians + pals make now the game too much easy. this morning i have face a level 108 in Conquest. What happen? I have do 30% in his base. Normally I should have do only 2 or 3% for the power I have right now. The base was full of Arblaster and Storm Cannon but combine Sultan Level 3+ with Kaiser Level 8+ plus Black Magic. You can now survive and do damage in a impossible base

So all of this make this game with so much non sense. The only way to counter guardians to destroy all alone. No solutions for level 1 to 80 but for level 90+ I guess its time to add more defense. So pass 21 towers to maybe 25 with maybe 10 seconds more and a little more larger map up to 35 path

without that I don’t see the solution. Make guardian only useable only 1 time in a raid and not 3-4 times

Defenses don’t need any buff, they’re pretty strong already. Defensive gargs and skull towers have no problem decimating your whole army, for example.

Defenses are not the problem.


The problem is that the guardians are OP and should be the target of a moderate balance (nerf). Not another huge nerf like the 4.0 nerf… a small version of that should be more than enough.


I will 1+ the idea of adding a few more tiles and towers to offset the huge Guardian improvement to the offense.   We have not even seen what a top-level rare Guardian can do yet.   
Buffing the Guardian is not a horrible idea but they should be similar to some of the beast they will face.   


Defense is powerfull enough. Your units have no chance against a barrage skull towers + boosted gargoyles.

If you buff the defense, your units will be even more vulnerable. Not good.


Guardians made the offense OP because the guardians themselves are OP. If anything, nerf guardians.

I have notice in base. the counter of guardians is Gargoyle. I hate face a base full of Gargoyle. The majority of time I die and lose -30 or -60 trophy. If someone have Conquest Boost + War Boost of Gargoyle. Guardians + Pals don’t make any difference

like each game of this style if you have the defense same OP stuffs in offense cannot do anything. Just contruct a really good defense design and enjoy defeating everyone

this game like Olympus Rising, Like Cloud Raider,like Dawn of Steel and others game of this style have all in common. All is based how your defense is build and your design

in Dawn of Steel I stop close everyone because i know how defense work and how to place them to make a really hard or impossible defense

RR2 if you have the right boost. Guardians are not a huge problem